kicking and dreaming

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All, and I mean ALL of my stuff finally arrived Friday afternoon. I was expecting a call to set up a time for the delivery Saturday AM and to my surprise, the guy said he was on his way. That led to a pretty stressful 20 minutes of room shuffling, but the delivery went fine, well after they tried to unload someone else’s stuff first, but regardless, now my roommates just have to deal with the idea that “michelle” moved in. But I’m honest in saying that they’re allowed to tell me to keep stuff under my bed/in the car/storage if the michelle-ness is too much.

Anyways, that’s not why I’m writing. I find it very interesting that the entire time I was sharing a bed with Linda I had no vivid dreams. Usually I can recall everything from a dream when I was only half-asleep, which is what I figured was happening when Linda and I were trying to sleep next to each other without kicking and without sliding around on her slippery sheets! But no, my crazy dreams didn’t start until I was across the room alone, free to kick and slide.

Last night I had a dream about sponge cake and green cool whip frosting, I don’t even like sponge cake, but this was amazing and had chunks of banana in it. I kept dipping it in the frosting, and actually thought it was real until about 5 minutes ago.

But the best dream was two nights ago. You’d think after watching Bridesmaids and playing words with friends, that I would dream about a friend’s upcoming wedding or a scrabble tournament, but no, not me. I dreamed my parents were getting cryogenically frozen. You know, like Walt Disney.

So my parents are trying to get frozen and suddenly they become evil-ish and they’re trying to coerce Michael and I to do it too, but in the back of my head I know that they’re trying to kill us. So we try everything to get away and we succeed. Then, my parents are done being frozen and back to normal and I’m hanging out with Tommy and Harrison and all the sudden my parents are losing weight (in a good way, not a scary way) by the minute. My dad says to me, “I lost 15 pounds just my standing up!”

So then I’m jealous that I didn’t get frozen too, and I realize that I need to shave my armpits.

This is why I’m so stressed out all the time – frozen dreams.


fight-mares vs. nightmares

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I woke up extremely angry this morning, which is pretty unfortunate because it kind of puts you in an unhappy mood. Then I realized I had a really angry dream, not a nightmare, like a fight-mare. I was fighting with everyone I knew that appeared in my dream. This is probably the sixth night in a row that I’ve vividly remembered my dream, but the rest of them weren’t bad ones.

So my question today is, is it worse to have a scary nightmare that you know is fake and involves strangers? Or a frustrating, mean dream involving people you know, which kind of makes you mad at them when you wake up?

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