There’s been a lot going on,


but I haven’t forgotten my challenge to find something great in every day.

The nice thing? Great things actually have been happening on their own. Whoa. I did not expect that, though I’m hoping I’m not jinxing anything.

I’ll tell the truth, I was fishing for “greatness” last week. Tuesday I wrote in my notes app “new shampoo” and Wednesday, one of my co-workers picked up my shift at Westwood so I could go to sleep by 9pm. I was sick both days so they were great things in the moment.

On Thursday, I said my first made-up word on-air, I said something was “Fall-y” and my boss called me out on in, but not in a bad way, therefore it was great. Anytime I can make up words is great to me.

Then came Friday which brought Elizabeth & Patrick’s wedding weekend! Friday consisted of not having to go to work at night, but instead getting to get a pedicure and a manicure – which is surprisingly still intact – and attending their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Ok, my shoe broke at the rehearsal and I spent the rest of the night walking around Maggiano’s in what can only be described as little grey grandma flats, but the food was delicious and Elizabeth and Patrick were very excited.

Saturday was their wedding, everything was full of fun and Elizabeth was beautiful – she looked like Cinderella. They enjoyed their day, as did the rest of us, we celebrated until 5:30am, which means something great-ish must’ve happened early Sunday morning. Otherwise we would’ve gone to sleep earlier. The rest of the day I spent sleeping and eating. That’s what every “after wedding” Sunday should consist of.

Yesterday was Monday. I went to Westwood after not being there for a week and actually enjoyed working, sometimes taking a nice break from it makes it seem much more like fun and not work – especially when we were gambling on the Bears game at the host stand.

Today I quit working at Broadcasting school and actually applied for a new job. I promised myself I wouldn’t waste my time applying for jobs that weren’t amazing, but this one is, and actually I have no idea if it’s part or full-time or what so maybe it could just be a perfect complement to my WBIG gig. Also I have some exciting but a little nervous news tomorrow morning, you just might want to check out the Daily Herald 🙂

Ooo! And it’s Linda’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Ms. Dirkes Quintana, or as my car phone calling voice says, “Call Linda, Dir-kiss Queen-tana” Love you, miss you and I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished in the last year… including getting rid of those slippery sheets 🙂


Listed Greatness


Trying to chime in on my greatness of the day feeling, and I have a list! Here we go:

1) Sometime between 12-3am last night, we were served our appetizers that we thought we had missed. Mozzarella sticks, giant chicken fingers and egg rolls… after ice Vegas bombs, drink tickets, champagne toasting our bride-to-be and line dancing the night away, this moment was absolutely perfect for my things that are great list.

2) I found Sonny a Halloween costume. He has been the “rufferee” since 11:30am. And then the Bears won, so I think he might be wearing this until February.

3) I curled Madeline this afternoon, then I squatted her. Yep, having fun can be exercise too.

What was great about your Sunday?

Tomorrow begins quite a big week for me and some of the most important people in my life. It’ll be my first full week at WBIG (this means, you must all go sign up for your FREE club card so that when I am alone on the mic next Monday, you can call and talk to me!), Wednesday my Cook of the Week recipe will be in the Daily Herald and I NEED your vote, so I can at least be the fan favorite if nothing else, it’s premiere week on TV, and MOST importantly… somebody’s getting married on Saturday! Happy Wedding Week Elizabeth & Patrick!

I just realized

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that June is over in two days.

Honestly, I’ve been pretty busy, working at job 1, working at job 2, trying to obtain a job 3 to cancel out at least one of those first guys, and trying to finish crossing things off my list.

Let’s be really straight forward here, there are two items on that list that haven’t budge. Unless you count possibly going in the wrong direction, Lose 10 lbs and Unpack every box that’s still hanging out in the garage and then repack the things that can be repacked up, are not in the works.

Could they have been? Yes, well absolutely yes to the first one. I don’t have trouble losing weight because of timing, it’s because of consuming. I’m a great exerciser, which sucks, I envy people who don’t work out at all, cuz then they can just work out. Regardless, not a pity party, I have other things that I do well and that I have spent the time to focus and improve on this month, that just wasn’t one of them. Unfortunately, I really wanted it to be, so I’m just going to try again in July.

As for the unpacking, I could’ve gotten a bit done on that, but to have been able to completely cross that off my list would’ve been impossible. As mentioned above, I’ve actually been busy this month, and if and when I get to un and re-packing, I’d like to do a good job of it so that I don’t need to revisit the situation until I move again. Therefore that item will also be moved to the July to-do’s but with much less sadface emotion. There just wasn’t a good time.

What I can tell you about today is that I had a great time at both of Elizabeth’s bridal showers.

Go to Elizabeth’s Bridal Shower(s)

I initially didn’t think I would be able to make the first shower, but thanks to the bride herself, I got to spend the day at the most fun shower ever in Wisconsin at Patrick’s parents house. I mean, how many of you can actually say you’ve been to a shower that lasted until 3:30am? That’s what I thought. Only those of you who were at this one with me.

Patrick’s sister and mom did a great job country western-ing their house and celebrating the couple with a huge family BBQ. Sometimes it is really relaxing to attend an event where you know less than 5% of the other guests. There’s no pressure and it’s just fun. It also gave me time to hang out with Elizabeth more than I have recently have been able to and to give her my full bridesmaid’s attention, I only knew a few other people at the party so I was happy to help out.

Her bridal shower in Illinois was the following weekend and was also adorably decorated by some of my co-bridesmaids. Amy created a fun Newlywed game for them to play during presents and I made one of my cutest cakes ever. I also got to use my Pinterest recipe collection for an appetizer which I will Sweet Talk soon.

Both events were a fun way to celebrate one of my best buds and her favorite Packer-fan.

Even though I know this won’t be answered, if anyone knows who gave them the cardless fancy serving bowl, please let us know!

Free day of fun!


Enjoy the day at the racetrack

Racetrack day – done! And awesome!

I was lucky (yes, actually lucky) enough to have an amazing day in the sun this weekend, filled with fun people, frozen drinks, a caesar salad and winning $75! Those are pretty much the best things that could ever happen in one day.

I won money on four different races on Sunday including $38.60 on the final race, it was great. I had already parted with the money I was planning to spend on admission, drinks, food and gambling and the fact that I managed to win it all back could not have been more perfect. I’m still on a big budget but wanted to reward myself, ok forget that, I didn’t want to reward myself, I wanted to enjoy myself at one of my favorite places – and I did!

Aside from that awesomeness, I started as a grad assistant at broadcasting school today, I wish I could count that as my media interview or job, but I don’t think it does since they just called and asked me to work for them. Either way I said yes and I’m happy to be in the building with microphones and cameras a few hours a week. My fingers are crossed that this will get me closer to the “big girl job” I’m looking for.

The rest of my week is actually looking pretty good, movies tomorrow night with my mom (coupons of course), I’m getting my hair cut by a co-worker Thursday and I have a packed weekend with plans Friday, the first of Elizabeth’s bridal showers on Saturday and Father’s Day on Sunday.

Question of the day, per my favorite blogger, Justine, how many days can you go without washing your hair? I’m working on three right now… I think.

I got gum on the way home, don’t worry.

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Sometimes I don’t know what I “challenge” myself to not drink caffeine or not chew gum. You know what? Neither thing is that bad for me and you know what else? Caffeine- or gum-less Michelle, SUCKS! It’s almost as bad as a chain smoker. I had my caffeine this morning, but I was gum-less and due to not wanting to be late to the hosting workshop I went without my trusty Trident. Boy was that a mistake. I mean, obviously you don’t host or do ANYTHING TV o screen related with gum in your mouth. Ever. But you know what gum is really good for? After you eat. I think I spent the entire second half of the day picking cauliflower out of my teeth. Yuckfest. I’m feeling very medium about the class. I think there were way too many people there for me to get my money’s worth, which is a LOT of money. Plus, when you only get two chances to talk the whole seven hours, and then the topic your group gets doesn’t spark anything except topics you don’t want to talk about, it sucks. I still have faith in myself and my abilities which is very important. I also have faith that this program facilitates the career I want (need/will have someday). What I don’t have faith in is, like I said, the money I spent for today. So let’s all just cross our fingers that tomorrow will be so worth it that I’ll forget about today. Sounds good? Yeah, I think so too.

Sidenote: Elizabeth picked her bridesmaid dresses – woo hoo!! I can’t wait to go home for over a week and just escape poverty and unemployment lol I’m joking about that, but only a little. Still totally can’t wait.

I dunno what was more fun, laundry? Or… wait, all I did today was laundry.

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Ok, I also walked a total of 6 miles and caught up on Desperate Housewives. And applied for about 200 jobs. Which leaves me SO INCREDIBLY BORED.

After a great week with my mom and a super fun weekend celebrating Linda’s birthday, you’d think a super boring Monday would be great. I think that would only be true if you had ANYTHING (well other than finding the closest US Bank) on your list of things to do Tuesday.

I’m trying to channel Michelle from a little over 2 years ago. She also had no job for a while, but was living (and mooching) at home, so financially I wasn’t nervous, I was just bored. Right now, I’m both and that sucks. Obviously I was well aware that this would happen, I absolutely understand, I just am also absolutely impatient. And did I mention bored?

I recently signed up to take a pricey, but very positive weekend bootcamp for being a host and I’m very excited about it, however it isn’t until November 12th. I’m really glad I came across it and met with the instructor last week because I think it’s a great way to bust into the business. Awesome. However, that leads me to believe not a whole lot is going to happen before then, and, well I’m already halfway through the groceries my mom bought me. Which explains the amazing relationship I’ve had with my bed and Craigslist today.

That is my pity party and rant of the day. On the plus side, Linda and I had an amazing time at the LA women’s expo yesterday, so many cool free samples and booths to play around. She actually won a $500 teeth whitening session! I won toothpaste 🙂 We spent a little more than we should, but we play on being lustery soon so we’re ok with it. (more reason for my Craigslist day). Then we went out to dinner for her bday and happened to come across a restaurant that was part of LA dining week – 1st course, entre and dessert for $26, delicious. Super filling but great way to celebrate!

In other news, Elizabeth tried on wedding dresses yesterday and sounded so excited in her HeyTell message, yay! I’m ridiculously pumped to be one of her bridesmaids. I am bummed that I won’t be able to join her for dress fittings, etc, but her message made my day 🙂

And I finally did my laundry. Thank God Bridget and I used to just go buy new socks and underwear when we were in college or else I wouldn’t have been able to hold out for so long!

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