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Oops, it’s been a month. Honestly I’m in the same spot as I was in all elements of my life on July 3rd when I wrote about my awesome lotion. Sure things have happened, but I can’ fill you in on that now because I will definitely be late to work if I start type-rambling. What I do want to do is share Auntie Roe’s review of the KiwiFox moisturizer.

Spoiler: She loved it. I’m going to do my best to get her some more soon!

I love having contests and having the perfect person win! What else should I give away? Suggestions?

Here’s her great review:

Michelle, I am so glad I was the recipient of the AquaSurge Moisturizer! Yesterday being Saturday I took a few extra moments getting ready for bed, washing up and removing all makeup, tweezing my eyebrows and the most wonderful last step was applying just a dot or two of the moisturizer to my face. I am a huge fan of the fragrance and I don’t think my face has ever felt so soft and smooth! Even the little bit left on my hands after I applied it were softer! I applied it again this morning after a shower and the same results….kind of magical! A little goes a very long way and those are my favorite type of products. I have suffered with skin issues for more than half of a my life (which is a long time) and dryness has always been a problem. However, this particular moisturizer seems to absorb that dryness in no time. I can’t wait until tonight to apply it again! Auntie Roe


Somebody’s getting marr-ied!

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Well, there are a lot of people getting married. Most of which I don’t know.

But I have a new couple to add to my list of favorite brides- and grooms-to-be – my cousin Chrissy and her fiance Doug!

You might remember Chrissy as the only person aside from my parents that visited me while I was living in LA. You know, OA weekend, one of my favorite and most tourist-y times hanging in Hollywood, well she is the newest person on my list, and I’m so happy for them and that I get to be a bridesmaid and help!

She asked me to be a maid in the car on the way to help me clean out my closet, an item on my list. Then she assured me that the closet cleaning could be moved to August, since I’m training for my race and maybe those “a little too tight” clothes might fit.

So I suppose this can be crossed, even though it will be moved.

Clean out my closet.


Sidenote: I told Linda about this and she deemed me the, “Ultimate Bridesmaid.” I immediately saw myself as Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, but you know what? I’m ok with that. I love being involved in the planning process.

I actually almost went into wedding planning, really anything that involves cute sayings, matching dresses, pictures, open bars and yummy food.

I took a class about a year before Bridget got married and realized I probably could be a nice asset to any wedding party because of my inquisitiveness and great relationship with that supurb computer searching tool, Google, and that I probably didn’t need the training. Enter broadcasting.

Anyway, so they are getting married — possibly in 6 months — and that leads me to my headline. In case you didn’t know, that is one of the top songs from the 1984 Blockbuster, The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Maybe you aren’t a fan of Kermit, Miss Piggy and company, but I am, and I used to watch that movie often with Chrissy and our brothers, Michael and Tony.

And now I can’t get that song out of my head.

Since we last talked…


… I decided to run a half marathon in September.

Sure, I exercise on a (almost) daily basis and I once was a pretty avid runner, but I’m still pretty nervous about this challenge. However, I paid $78 to register, so I’m doing it. You know how I feel about wasting money.

This came about yesterday when I sent Tommy an email about a 5K on September 8th. He said he couldn’t do it because he’d be resting for the half marathon he’d decided to run the next day. I thought for a second and decided I would join him.

I really like having a plan in my life and since I’ve felt so lost in my planning recently (ok, for the last few years), I thought this might be a good way to fill my need. Plus, I really liked running when I was dedicated, so I hope to ignite that fire again. Maybe not exactly the same way, I was a little over-dedicated to the process, but this time I think it will be a successful endeavor. Plus, it’s giving me a fun way to bond with my brother.

The biggest struggle I’m going to face is running outside. I’m a treadmill girl. For me it means being able to catch up on my TV shows, take breaks to go to the bathroom, and roll right out of bed to the basement. At least it’s summer so TV is in re-runs and the weather has been beautiful.

I’m lucky enough to have two great friends who’ve recently run halves and tell me I can do it.

So starting next week I’ll be in training til September 9th and anyone is invited to run with me, especially on Saturday long runs!

I think I’ll make a bucket list before then so I can check it off.

Why I Hate Politics


I know, it’s not appropriate to hate politics.

I should be well versed in what the country is about and what is going on at all times. I should be concerned with every aspect of the economy, the stock market, the structure of Capitalism and each individual political issue.

But I can’t. I blame my mom.

Just kidding, but she is sitting here as my grandpa is watching more FOX News saying, “how can you listen to this all day long?”

I can’t. I can watch one actual news show each day plus my morning shows, because I love them, Live with Kelly and The View and I get the gist of what’s going on in politics, and I think right now that’s ok.

I know some people may that’s not enough but politics give me a headache. Not because of my personal beliefs, I’m relatively clear in my personal political beliefs and where I stand on issues, but I am tired of listening to people argue.

We live in such a society of team D vs. team R and such stereotypical feelings from both ends of the others. Plus, if you know me, you know that I think presidential election terms aren’t long enough to get anything accomplished before it’s time to pay people for votes again.

It’s no fun when you (me) is team R mixed with D divided by R plus a little more D.

That is all about that.

For the rest of my day off (woo! who doesn’t love days off) I will send out resumes and demos, fold my laundry and most importantly, finish making spaghetti sauce from scratch with my grandma and bread from scratch with my grandpa. Italian dinner tonight! And my take on Westwood’s Banana Cream Pie for dessert. Yum – happy Tuesday.

You gotta know when to hold them,


And know when to fold them.
But most importantly, you gotta know when to shuffle and re-deal.

See what I did there? My pun-iness must be because I’ve done a lot of emailing with Justine lately, you know how much she and I love playing with words, almost as much as justifying lunch at 11:15am. I’m pretty sure that was lunchtime for the younger kids in elementary school…

Anyway, back to reshuffling the cards. After about a month of sleeplessness, stress breathing and wanting to puke or cry everyday, I decided to move back to Illinois.

Apparently according to a handful of friends and family, this comes as no surprise. I guess I’m ok with that as long as a few things are understood.
Most importantly, this is not the end of my career quest, it’s actually the beginning of the dream career quest-to work in tv near my family in Chicago. I told my sister-in-law that I previously thought I couldn’t get work in Chicago, maybe that’s the reason I moved so quickly, but now I’m ready to put both feet forward and borrow as many clichés from my Mom’s vocabulary to make it happen. Sometimes you need clichés to motivate yourself to take on a challenge.

As for the other reasons, I will never fit in the Hollywood culture. Heck, I hardly fit into any culture, but I just couldn’t handle that one and I’m much too stubborn to believe that would change.
Finally, I’m on the opposite side of financially stable, über broke.

I appreciate every teeny tiny bit of support and assistance I’ve been given by everyone involved in my going from the middle to the left and back.

I’m good at saying thank you, but that doesn’t make it any less true – so thanks.

Especially to that word-loving Justine that managed to write the perfect paragraphs explaining my need to retreat. I’ve forwarded it to the masses.



We are doing a little shuffling around here lately, one of our roommates is moving across town and we are getting a newbie to Prospect Property so this afternoon Cynthia and I shuffled around the living room.

While we were doing this one thought occurred, “everything is temporary.” I was mostly thinking this due to the fact that we moved the entire living room around while Linda was at work and are planning on immediately saying “it’s temporary” if she doesn’t like what we did. But that isn’t the only temporary thing on my mind.

If you’ve been reading any of my posts lately, you know I’m not feeling 100% awesome. I will continue to say I am INCREDIBLY lucky and grateful to have supportive friends and family and to have the opportunity to be interviewing actual celebrities this quickly after moving here, but, and I say this with a bit but, that is the only thing I’m truly feeling positive about. I’m trying, I really am, but my mood hasn’t been able to sustain happiness for too long. Hopefully my little trip home this coming weekend will help.

Maybe it’s because “refresh”ing March didn’t do anything for me. I think I was anticipating that whole body and mind refresher to be super awesome. Last year I gave up dessert for lent and think I lost 15 lbs, this year I think I stayed the same or maybe, lost 2 lbs. Yes, I realize that is not at all why we give things up for lent, believe me, I actually think I’ve been more spiritual in the last few months than most of my life, but I was expecting more of a perk on the getting rid of dessert thing for over 40 days.

Maybe it’s because I’m turning 25 in 13 days and I’m not ready. I was actually ready to turn 24. A girl I work with kept telling me it was going to be the best year ever. I don’t know that’s how I would describe it, but I do know it was pretty monumental and I will ALWAYS remember being 24.

Maybe it’s because some of my friends have been through emotional experiences lately and I want to be there for them and then also be with my family.

Either way my theme today is “everything’s temporary,” hmm… should that be my April month? I think I will decide this week.

PS – I was going to write an April Fool’s Day post, but I couldn’t think of a good one – so give me your good stories!

I can’t, it’s raining.


I guess 6 months is about how long it takes you to adapt to a big change.

It’s raining. Not just a drizzle, not exactly the downpour from last Saturday, but it’s raining. So much that we are sitting in our apartment, in our pajamas and glasses, under the covers with almost no lights on, no TV, no radio, just being lazy.

Because we live in Southern California and it’s raining. We just can’t find it in us to do anything. Granted, my car is a block and a half away, and it’s a commitment free Sunday, but if we were home in Illinois, we would probably still make it to Target or the grocery store or the movies or the mall, and run errands and do something, but we can’t, it’s raining.

Interestingly, I think today is the first time I’ve been bored in like a month, and I think I would be even if it was sunny out.

On an unrelated topic, I’m excited to go home for a few days over Easter. It’s a good time to travel. I have to start working the following week, I haven’t seen my favorite little kids in two months and I’d rather hear about the cruise I’m not going on in person with dessert in my tummy (lent is almost over!) then over the phone. 11 days!

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