In case you’re wondering, “what’s going on with Michelle all the way over there by the Pacific ocean?” well then you’ve come to the right place.

Exactly this minute I’m watching the TODAY show (on one of the small selection of channels we get with our amazing $11 antenna), there’s a really cool commercial on for new Rock Elmo toys, I kinda want to buy them for one of my little kiddos so I can play with it, maybe it’ll be on sale for Christmas. I’m also contemplating why I am so exhausted.
Anyways, more interestingly, I spent two days working on Fear Factor, which was an amazing opportunity to see what goes on in the adventure/reality tv realm, it’s obviously not where I want to be for career advancement, but definitely two days well spent. And, you know, I got paid, that was super unexpected so quickly. I’m done with that now, but if they called again, I probably should return.

I also went to a game show contestant audition yesterday afternoon which was pretty much a group interview with 3 Michelle’s and 2 Christina’s, which was so strange. I’d love to be casted for some fun and potential prizes, though I’m hoping for a nerdy trivia game or something like the Price Is Right as opposed to some extreme gross and physical thing, wish me luck!

Other than that, I’m impatiently waiting for my furniture to arrive because, well, Linda and I are tired of sleeping together in such a disorganized room!

I’m still trying to delineate a plan for getting a job (albeit a super crappy and bottom of the totem pole job, which I’m fine with) related to my career hopes, so today I’m researching that, cleaning up as if my truck is coming soon, and maybe doing laundry.

Here’s my LA thought for the day:

It’s funny to be here from the midwest because about 67% of the cars here have tinted windows, but when I”m running or walking in downtown Culver City near Sony studios, I try to start in every window to see if there’s famous person in the car. Literally yesterday I paused near a gas station because a tinted window person had their door cracked. It was not  a famous person. In fact it was a pajama clad thirty year old regular woman, :(. Come on famous people, I wanna see your face!

On that note, don’t forget if you meet a TV producer, or anyone famous who you think can find me a perfect spot, send them here!