There’s been a lot going on,


but I haven’t forgotten my challenge to find something great in every day.

The nice thing? Great things actually have been happening on their own. Whoa. I did not expect that, though I’m hoping I’m not jinxing anything.

I’ll tell the truth, I was fishing for “greatness” last week. Tuesday I wrote in my notes app “new shampoo” and Wednesday, one of my co-workers picked up my shift at Westwood so I could go to sleep by 9pm. I was sick both days so they were great things in the moment.

On Thursday, I said my first made-up word on-air, I said something was “Fall-y” and my boss called me out on in, but not in a bad way, therefore it was great. Anytime I can make up words is great to me.

Then came Friday which brought Elizabeth & Patrick’s wedding weekend! Friday consisted of not having to go to work at night, but instead getting to get a pedicure and a manicure – which is surprisingly still intact – and attending their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Ok, my shoe broke at the rehearsal and I spent the rest of the night walking around Maggiano’s in what can only be described as little grey grandma flats, but the food was delicious and Elizabeth and Patrick were very excited.

Saturday was their wedding, everything was full of fun and Elizabeth was beautiful – she looked like Cinderella. They enjoyed their day, as did the rest of us, we celebrated until 5:30am, which means something great-ish must’ve happened early Sunday morning. Otherwise we would’ve gone to sleep earlier. The rest of the day I spent sleeping and eating. That’s what every “after wedding” Sunday should consist of.

Yesterday was Monday. I went to Westwood after not being there for a week and actually enjoyed working, sometimes taking a nice break from it makes it seem much more like fun and not work – especially when we were gambling on the Bears game at the host stand.

Today I quit working at Broadcasting school and actually applied for a new job. I promised myself I wouldn’t waste my time applying for jobs that weren’t amazing, but this one is, and actually I have no idea if it’s part or full-time or what so maybe it could just be a perfect complement to my WBIG gig. Also I have some exciting but a little nervous news tomorrow morning, you just might want to check out the Daily Herald 🙂

Ooo! And it’s Linda’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Ms. Dirkes Quintana, or as my car phone calling voice says, “Call Linda, Dir-kiss Queen-tana” Love you, miss you and I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished in the last year… including getting rid of those slippery sheets 🙂


Pregnancies last a long time


My best friend Elizabeth’s sister, Nicki, has been pregnant for the last 9 months, I know, that’s normal.

But I was thinking about that today and realized that since the time Nicki got pregnant, I decided to move across the country, lived here for almost 8 months and will be moved home. All before that baby is born. Weird.

Side note: I hope her baby comes soon and that it’s a very exciting day, and since Elizabeth is leaving to visit Saturday I hope they can all share the birth-day together!

So today is the day I’m heading back to Chicago, well we won’t be able to leave until the movers come between 4-6, so I guess tonight is the night we start driving. We are going the southern route, which takes an extra 2 hours, but really, we will be driving across the country for the second time in a year, so it makes sense to try a different path. And I know my dad is just as excited as he was last time just to say he did it. Glad I could make that happen for you.

I was feeling nervous the other day that I wanted to make sure I made the right decision. I actually stepped away from the computer and the phone and sat on the beach for the afternoon with my roommates and knew I did make the right one. Sure it’s great to spend the afternoon in the sun (minus the sunburn) but that’s because for the last week and a half all I’ve been doing is packing and going to boot camp, of course that’s fun for a while, but it’s not my everyday.

I’m excited to head back with new knowledge and experience, and I already have meetings next week, so my goal is to stay motivated and do it right this time, and at least when times get tough, which I know they will, I can remember some of the tougher things I’ve gotten through.

Or I can avoid the frustration for an afternoon and make cupcakes with Madeline.

I’ll say goodbye to California today, well actually depending on what time the movers come, we might still be in the state until tomorrow, but the point is I am happy to have been here and there will be no stopping my future visits, I mean it’d gonna get cold again in Chicago. At least I will always have a bootcamp to visit and two amazing people who I hope will always let me in their living room. Wouldn’t have made it this far or have been strong enough to realize I needed to make a change without my Linda and Cynthia. Miss you already.

You gotta know when to hold them,


And know when to fold them.
But most importantly, you gotta know when to shuffle and re-deal.

See what I did there? My pun-iness must be because I’ve done a lot of emailing with Justine lately, you know how much she and I love playing with words, almost as much as justifying lunch at 11:15am. I’m pretty sure that was lunchtime for the younger kids in elementary school…

Anyway, back to reshuffling the cards. After about a month of sleeplessness, stress breathing and wanting to puke or cry everyday, I decided to move back to Illinois.

Apparently according to a handful of friends and family, this comes as no surprise. I guess I’m ok with that as long as a few things are understood.
Most importantly, this is not the end of my career quest, it’s actually the beginning of the dream career quest-to work in tv near my family in Chicago. I told my sister-in-law that I previously thought I couldn’t get work in Chicago, maybe that’s the reason I moved so quickly, but now I’m ready to put both feet forward and borrow as many clichés from my Mom’s vocabulary to make it happen. Sometimes you need clichés to motivate yourself to take on a challenge.

As for the other reasons, I will never fit in the Hollywood culture. Heck, I hardly fit into any culture, but I just couldn’t handle that one and I’m much too stubborn to believe that would change.
Finally, I’m on the opposite side of financially stable, über broke.

I appreciate every teeny tiny bit of support and assistance I’ve been given by everyone involved in my going from the middle to the left and back.

I’m good at saying thank you, but that doesn’t make it any less true – so thanks.

Especially to that word-loving Justine that managed to write the perfect paragraphs explaining my need to retreat. I’ve forwarded it to the masses.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery


You all know my friend Justine. I went to her wedding last year, we lived in a cubicle together, she’s famous, we never talk but always know what’s going on in each other’s lives, I want all of her success to hit me in its own form… I obviously can go on and on.

Well she posted this the other day and I’m copying. Aside from wanting to flatter her, I think my brainwaves are running hamster circles and just giving you short blurbs will help me, so thanks for reading.

1 – My dad sent me a $1 he found in the parking lot of Jewel to play the lottery. Very “Abraham” of us to do that and my whole world will benefit if I win something. I’m not kidding the excitement I would receive of just winning my $1 back the first time I tackled the CA lotto would last at least three days.

2 – Eva Longoria just re-tweeted me. I know, it’s so silly to be invigorated by that, but I am. I know it’s a huge possibility that she re-tweets everyone who compliments her Housewives performance (which by the way was really good, both comically and dramatically in the last episode), or that someone else is doing it for her, but I was feeling stressed and the little snippet of euphoria I got after the RT was the perfect cure.

3 – I bought a bag full of 180 pieces of Trident White gum today. I will be accepting more of these as early birthday presents gum immediately. I’m afraid having that many pieces on hand at once might mean trouble.

4 – I’m back at Fit Body Boot Camp for at least 2 weeks. Irma is awesome. In addition to being super sweet and encouraging, she was understanding when I told her I couldn’t afford her classes and saved a spot for me in the $6, 2 week President’s Day Sale.

5 – I’m 2 weeks into dessert-free lent. It’s not super terrible, but if you told me tomorrow was Easter, I’d be first in line for 1 bag of Godiva truffles and a giant bowl of chocolate therapy from Ben & Jerry’s.

6 – New internship is still going. It’s quite a load of work to throw yourself into, especially since I’m taking on an organizational role. But I’m confident in a few weeks I’ll be more comfortable. I’m sure I’ll still be stressed and I don’t know when I’ll ever feel like I belong in the fashion district, but I will be plugging away writing, editing and reporting.

7 – I feel like I had more to say but interestingly I think I’m done.

8 – I’m not done. I also want to mention all the deja vu and flashbacks I’ve been having lately. Maybe it’s because I’m so close to being 1/4 century old. 39 days.

I lied this morning

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you would have too.

Irma, yes she sounds like a super butch woman or a giant German in charge of prisoners, but she’s not. She’s a super fit little woman who runs the bootcamp I go to. Anyway, Irma tries to make sure she knows everyone’s names, which is very nice of her. She does this by walking up to all of us and asking small talk-ish questions. So this morning she asks me, “Michelle! How was your weekend???!?!” (She’s very cheerful but also super intense – hence the punctuation.)

“It was good,” I replied. Totally the truth.

Then she said, “good – what did you do?”

I feel like I waited the longest pause ever. Was I really going to tell the bootcamp woman that I spent the weekend staying out until 3 am, eating chips (which I hate, right Linda?), drinking wine, tequila and Linda’s vodka/soda, eating more chips, a baked potato slathered in cheese sauce and bacon – and broccoli – mixed with Cynthia’s leftover french fries and chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese from 7-11, an unknown amount of cheese balls – unless they really all did just end up on the floor – a few Pringle’s, cinnamon rolls, a Hershey’s kiss the size of a small child, ice cream, every sample possible at Costco, flaky biscuits, and some stale M&M’s, while watching endless hours of movies and TV on our temporary line of couch?


I mean, first of all, that would be a lot of information, even for me, to give to a semi-stranger. And also, I’m not gonna own up to all that to her. She can think I really do live on chicken and apples and bust my butt being the sweatiest girl in her class. Which, by the way, there was actual steam coming from my head this morning. That may have been the weirdest thing ever.

So I told her I went shopping.

After the aforementioned super pause, she gave me a weird look, probably because it took me so long to “remember” I went shopping, and said something like, “shopping – fun!” and walked away. When she walked a way I burst into Michelle laughter because what compelled me to say I went shopping?

I have no idea. And that is the only time it’s ok to lie.

(By the way – the weekend was fun. Santa Monica dancing Friday night, 90’s party Saturday night and Golden Globe watching Sunday. If repeated, I’m sure there would be a little less consuming, and hopefully for my roommates, less cheese ball throwing – but hey, I was a really irritating little sister for most of the 90’s, that’s my excuse).

Why I Write

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I completely understand if you think blogs are self-indulgent. They are. They are an outlet for people to just word-vomit all over the internet about whatever they want.

When I write about desserts, there is at least kind of a reason, but this blog sometimes makes me feel dumb. Why do I feel the need to share the movies I watched on the treadmill, being super sweaty and getting in a New Year’s Eve car crash with Snoop?

Then I realize that I am super lucky to have a huge amount of friends and family that actually do care about the silliness in my everyday life, whether it’s self-indulgent or not. I cant honestly say that just yesterday I had about 8 people texting me asking about the job, facebook messages waiting to hear about my day, and of course calling my mom through my car speakers on the way home. I’m lucky that people care about me, and this is kind of the easiest way to fill people in on what’s happening. Yes, phone calls and emails/texts are more personal, but at least if the basics are out there then I can have those additional conversations asking about your lives 🙂

So that’s why I write, because I am INCREDIBLY lucky to have people that care about me.

And, well, cuz I think I’m funny and this is quite entertaining for me.

My left bicep is making it hard to eat oatmeal

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“Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t.”

Sometimes when I work out I feel like Elle Woods. Bubbly, smart and ambitious. Which is great because that’s what I’m going for this year – not exactly that specific, but my two new year’s resolutions are to get out of my comfort zone and to be the best Michelle I can be, i.e. bubbly, smart and ambitious. Labeling my reso the “best Michelle,” is the most positively awesome way to soak up all of those “be healthy,” “stop procrastinating” and “get a job” resolutions into a happier sounding goal, which works much better for me, probably you too.

You know I like to work out and that I also like to pay at little as possible to do anything, so yesterday I bought a Groupon for 6 weeks of bootcamp for $45. Which is probably something I can’t technically afford, but on the other hand, my grandparents gave me $50 for Christmas – spent. They could’ve just as easily given me a hug, so this works better. Plus, if you’re mom, Chrissy, or any of the other 20 people I told some recent stories to, you understand the irony, yes actual irony, of me using that money for fitness classes. Either way I’m excited that my first 6am class was fun and I’m also already in pain. Exactly what I was hoping for. Six weeks from now, February 8th (Stevie’s 25th birthday!) I will be ripped I promise.

Hopefully also employed so that I can continue working out there.

Speaking of Stevie, my leftover for today is about our annual Christmas celebration last week. We celebrated our favorite way with a pedicure and a nice dinner. I love her apartment in Naperville. If only I could host a talk show there, I’d move in next door tomorrow. Well maybe not tomorrow, but sometime in the next few weeks.

We went to the nail place and it really brought me back from LA to suburbia. Granted, I don’t do that much here, aside from find good deals, get my vitamin D in the sun and drive to interviews (hopefully getting the job today!), but I’ve noticed that I am missing those suburban sweatpants women. Luckily they all showed up at the nail salon in Naperville. They were so awesomely dressed that we had to text each other our comments – “Where can I buy her outfit” ” Palatine High School Gift Shop” of the women rocking deep red actual sweatpants bunching at her belly button with a red turtle neck tucked in.

In addition to Mrs. Claus, there were four others waiting in line for us to comment on. I know, sounds so mean, but when you have a best friend for 20 years (yes, 20!) you get to talk like that about other people. It’s in the rules.

We ended our fun night playing Guess Who! and making up ridiculous questions:

‎”Are you making a gay face?” “Yes”…”Are you Bernard?” “Yes”

“Do you look like you cheated on your husband? … Maria…”

This post might just be a ploy to get her to visit… on her birthday when my 6 weeks of soreness is complete.

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