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in 100 days?

Because we have exactly that many days left to fulfill whatever goals we had for 2012.

I really like counting days since and days til things and examining my life based on some sort of timeline – as you probably know from reading these posts – so I like to pause when things like “100 days until New Years Eve” come up in my countdown app.

In 100 days you can do a whole lot of things. You can spend or save a bunch of money, lose or gain a bunch of weight, plan the rest of your wedding… Erin & Chrissy… you can go through your last trimester of being pregnant… Bridget… you can travel, get a new job… Justine… (and me!) quit your job or take a chance and decide to retire…Auntie Roe… you can do almost anything. 100 days is actually quite a lengthy amount of time.

I will be preparing cookies for Christmas.

Just kidding, I won’t start that for another 70 days (December 1st). What I am going to do for the remaining 100 days of 2012 is something great everyday. Now great is a loose term., which, in itself is great. I get to decide what counts, which really means I just get to take an extra five minutes every day from now until frosty December 31st and realize how great little things are. I’m also going to attempt to write it here or somewhere so I remember to do it – and I encourage you to also. Since we are falling into the holiday season (fall-ing into… fall first!) it’s a good time to jump on the cheesy bandwagon and be happy.

Starting with today – I won $100 on the lottery ticket my dad bought me. This comes at a very opportune time since I’ve recently had a shopping problem. He gets his $20 back for the ticket cost and I get extra money to pay off those new dresses that I didn’t need. Perfect match. What is your great thing today?





Update from yesterday’s post.

The first interview was a success! I got the job, or I suppose if you can pull off the word “gig” that’s what it is… I just have trouble believing I can use that one. I will be the narrator/on-air host of the River Trails Park District training video. Obviously nothing monumental or you know, actually on TV, but you know what? They’re paying me a pretty nice amount for a one day shoot and this will go down in Michelle history as the first time I’m actually getting paid to do exactly what I’ve been trying to do for the last year. Milestone.

Even bigger milestone – I went to Jewel in a dress with my hair done and make-up on. Ok, I was still dressed from the interview, but I still managed to conquer the fact that I usually put pajamas on the second I walk in my door.

Finally, just one measly day until my favorite fest! I do still have to get through work today, but then I get to go home, bake, mix Sangria, make Jell-o  and clean for the weekend.  There’s that 8 mile run Tommy and I are doing at 6 am tomorrow, but that means, in just about 22 hours, I will be in Septemberfest mode awaiting my nieces and nephews ride-riding mornings, Bingo afternoons and a weekend full of not having to leave my house at all. PLUS my friends and family come over. I don’t think you can ask for anything better than that, especially when the weekend is three days, not just two!

Important note to fest-ers: If hurricane remnants happen to pour down in Schaumburg this weekend, you still have to come over. Otherwise my dad and I will be sitting in the garage — me probably in pajamas, and he will be rotating Septemberfest shirts and wearing his bright pink hat —  watching the rain, eating all the cookies, brownies and muffins and drinking all of the pitchers of Sangria, wine, tequila,  a fridge full of Old Style and a Costco bottle of Captain Morgan by ourselves. I don’t think my mom would like that.

Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone with three questions:

1) What are your weekend plans?

2) What is your favorite weekend of the whole year?

3) And what is the best tradition you have that has transcended childhood and you might even love more as an adult?

Isn’t it weird


how smells can incite memories?

Like if you smell roasting cinnamon, no matter what month it is, you’ll think of the holidays.

When you smell coffee brewing, you think you’re in an airport. If you happen to spend your time at a restaurant that sells sushi, the smell of soy sauce can make you feel like you need to clear the table, or when it’s SUPER humid outside (much like it’s been the last few weeks) you immediately say, “it smells like Arkansas out here!” Just me? Ok, maybe just me on some of those examples, but you get what I’m saying.

I’m sure all of you have certain smells that make you think of a certain place or time in your life, and I realized a new one yesterday when I rekindled my relationship with KiwiFox products.

Backtracking a few months, I met Jenn from KiwiFox in February at an Oscar lounge I was covering. She offered me a few samples and I couldn’t get enough of the moisturizing cream, so I partnered with the brand to test their products either myself or with my friends and family and share my reviews.

Since then I moved, which included changing addresses (of course) so my precious green products didn’t get back to me until yesterday. Honestly, I was really excited to prep my face for sleeping last night with the moisturizer and as soon as I popped open the AquaSurge Age-Defying Moisturizer lid, I started laughing. My brain immediately put me back in my apartment in Culver City.

The first time I used the product I fell in love with the kiwi scent, and I was standing at the sink in Linda and my room, so after a few months being kiwi-less, my brain wanted to be back there. My face felt lighter and sunnier too – you know, beach flashbacks. And of course, my face feels smoother. I have yet to find a product that I like as much as this one! And the best part, included in my shipment was a little sample of the moisturizer, so my avid readers, whomever wants it, gets it.

Remember that time

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you were in debt to your parents for almost a year and then paid them off in a surprise triple paycheck day???

No, well I do! It was yesterday!!!

Finish paying back my parents the money I borrowed this year, and then start building my savings again!

I didn’t even know I was going to be able to cross that one off my list this month, but then, I did! Turns out between my check from ICB, my check from Westwood and a crazy expensive high school and junior high graduation party I worked last weekend, I was able to leave the last of my debt on the counter at 1:30am last night and toast myself with a glass of tequila sangria. I mean what else would you toast yourself with?

I’ve never been so excited to get to start from a $0 balance in my bank account.

This means that July gets to be about any and every thing else other than my finances. Yay.

Now off to check out my aunt’s new salon! Video coming soon to Encyclopedia Michelle!

Somebody’s getting marr-ied!

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Well, there are a lot of people getting married. Most of which I don’t know.

But I have a new couple to add to my list of favorite brides- and grooms-to-be – my cousin Chrissy and her fiance Doug!

You might remember Chrissy as the only person aside from my parents that visited me while I was living in LA. You know, OA weekend, one of my favorite and most tourist-y times hanging in Hollywood, well she is the newest person on my list, and I’m so happy for them and that I get to be a bridesmaid and help!

She asked me to be a maid in the car on the way to help me clean out my closet, an item on my list. Then she assured me that the closet cleaning could be moved to August, since I’m training for my race and maybe those “a little too tight” clothes might fit.

So I suppose this can be crossed, even though it will be moved.

Clean out my closet.


Sidenote: I told Linda about this and she deemed me the, “Ultimate Bridesmaid.” I immediately saw myself as Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, but you know what? I’m ok with that. I love being involved in the planning process.

I actually almost went into wedding planning, really anything that involves cute sayings, matching dresses, pictures, open bars and yummy food.

I took a class about a year before Bridget got married and realized I probably could be a nice asset to any wedding party because of my inquisitiveness and great relationship with that supurb computer searching tool, Google, and that I probably didn’t need the training. Enter broadcasting.

Anyway, so they are getting married — possibly in 6 months — and that leads me to my headline. In case you didn’t know, that is one of the top songs from the 1984 Blockbuster, The Muppets Take Manhattan.

Maybe you aren’t a fan of Kermit, Miss Piggy and company, but I am, and I used to watch that movie often with Chrissy and our brothers, Michael and Tony.

And now I can’t get that song out of my head.

I think it’s important


to set lofty goals. If you aren’t challenging yourself, you won’t improve. That doesn’t mean you’ll be 100% successful, but it does mean you’ll be working in the right direction. Plus, sometimes just defining a goal or desire puts you in the right mindset.

On that note, I have 12 days left in June to complete my list. I’m about 98.999% sure I won’t be losing the 10 pounds I wanted to never see again, and I rather doubt the garage will be uber organized, but you know what, I have managed to cross a few important and fun things off the list and most importantly, I have a media job interview tomorrow!!!

In case you didn’t already know, this was kind of the most important item on the list. I was fearful that by moving back to Chicago, I would be taking a step back in my career. I learned a lot and made some career gains in LA and then landed home back in my jeans and work shirts and it made me nervous. Not that I’m not so incredibly thankful that Westwood let me come back, but I wanted it to be temporary. Now don’t worry that I’m getting ahead of myself, I’m not, because actually WW is only temporary right now. I started working as a Graduate Assistant at ICB 3 days a week, so I’m at 2 temp jobs and looking to swap them for a full-timer.

So I can cross this most important item off my list:

Get and go to at least one media job interview.

And guess what?? It’s at Harpo studios! You know, that little lady who turned herself into the Queen of Daytime TV and a huge media mogul? Oprah Winfrey! I only hope this is day 1 in my steps to my own TV path, maybe I can end up with Ellehicm studios.

No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Too German sounding. Maybe marinara studios.

Wish me luck!

Free day of fun!


Enjoy the day at the racetrack

Racetrack day – done! And awesome!

I was lucky (yes, actually lucky) enough to have an amazing day in the sun this weekend, filled with fun people, frozen drinks, a caesar salad and winning $75! Those are pretty much the best things that could ever happen in one day.

I won money on four different races on Sunday including $38.60 on the final race, it was great. I had already parted with the money I was planning to spend on admission, drinks, food and gambling and the fact that I managed to win it all back could not have been more perfect. I’m still on a big budget but wanted to reward myself, ok forget that, I didn’t want to reward myself, I wanted to enjoy myself at one of my favorite places – and I did!

Aside from that awesomeness, I started as a grad assistant at broadcasting school today, I wish I could count that as my media interview or job, but I don’t think it does since they just called and asked me to work for them. Either way I said yes and I’m happy to be in the building with microphones and cameras a few hours a week. My fingers are crossed that this will get me closer to the “big girl job” I’m looking for.

The rest of my week is actually looking pretty good, movies tomorrow night with my mom (coupons of course), I’m getting my hair cut by a co-worker Thursday and I have a packed weekend with plans Friday, the first of Elizabeth’s bridal showers on Saturday and Father’s Day on Sunday.

Question of the day, per my favorite blogger, Justine, how many days can you go without washing your hair? I’m working on three right now… I think.

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