What can you do

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in 100 days?

Because we have exactly that many days left to fulfill whatever goals we had for 2012.

I really like counting days since and days til things and examining my life based on some sort of timeline – as you probably know from reading these posts – so I like to pause when things like “100 days until New Years Eve” come up in my countdown app.

In 100 days you can do a whole lot of things. You can spend or save a bunch of money, lose or gain a bunch of weight, plan the rest of your wedding… Erin & Chrissy… you can go through your last trimester of being pregnant… Bridget… you can travel, get a new job… Justine… (and me!) quit your job or take a chance and decide to retire…Auntie Roe… you can do almost anything. 100 days is actually quite a lengthy amount of time.

I will be preparing cookies for Christmas.

Just kidding, I won’t start that for another 70 days (December 1st). What I am going to do for the remaining 100 days of 2012 is something great everyday. Now great is a loose term., which, in itself is great. I get to decide what counts, which really means I just get to take an extra five minutes every day from now until frosty December 31st and realize how great little things are. I’m also going to attempt to write it here or somewhere so I remember to do it – and I encourage you to also. Since we are falling into the holiday season (fall-ing into… fall first!) it’s a good time to jump on the cheesy bandwagon and be happy.

Starting with today – I won $100 on the lottery ticket my dad bought me. This comes at a very opportune time since I’ve recently had a shopping problem. He gets his $20 back for the ticket cost and I get extra money to pay off those new dresses that I didn’t need. Perfect match. What is your great thing today?



Leftover #1


I’m considering January the month of leftovers, but thankfully I’m not referring to food – we ate all that already.

What I’m talking about, for me at least, is that the month will be filled with leftover stories, pictures, recipes and posts from the holiday season that I just didn’t have time to talk about. Which is great, this means that I enjoyed the last two weeks I spent at home. It was filled with plenty of food, family and friends, which led to the unshared recipes and stories. So welcome to leftover month.

I’ll start with the story of Kelly’s car getting smashed by Snoop Dogg.

Ok, it wasn’t really Snoop, but the guy kinda looked like him. And, thankfully, her car wasn’t actually smashed. In fact, it was surprisingly only injured in the tire area, which still sucks because Snoop did not have insurance. Or, as he put it, it’s in his other car, which presumably was also a giant unmarked creep-o white van with a posse in it.

Let’s start from the beginning. Kelly and I are driving to her friend’s house for a New Year’s Eve party. We are about 10 minutes from our destination, on Dundee road, when all of the sudden I see this white van in the lane next to our and say to Kelly, “What is that guy doing? He is changing lanes into us!”

As I speak, his van sideswipes us and I scream bloody murder.

We are both fine, no air bags, no injuries. We are happy that the speed limit was 35 mph.

Kelly begins calling 911 and Snoop gets out of the creep-o van and tries telling her he wants to just exchange information. Sweet, polite, Kelly says “I’m not comfortable with that,” and begins telling the 911 operator that she’s unsure of much from Snoop because there “is a language barrier.” That’s why we love Kelly, she says things like “language barrier.” Though, I think that shows her occupation of a teacher at a crazy-style high school.

Anyway, so Kel is on the phone with 911, Snoop gets back in his car and we think he’s driving away, and Kelly turns the car back on as if she and I are going to follow Snoop & company and take them down. Which is really funny now, but at the time we were concerned. Turns out he was just moving out of the way, though I already wrote down his plates. Now a nice lady comes knocking on my window and says she and her husband witnessed the crash and it was totally Snoop’s fault, gave me her name and # and told us to give it to the police.

The police officer comes, asks if we are going to a sleepover because I have a pillow on my lap, which we were though, there was also three bottles of wine at my feet – hence the sleepover. He immediately tells us Snoop doesn’t have insurance, which sucks for Kelly, but that it wasn’t her fault at all and that we had a flat tire – which we don’t know how to fix.

To finish up the story, Kelly’s friends came and fixed the flat, Snoop got 4 tickets – no insurance, expired registration, a ticket for the accident AND that he wasn’t supposed to be driving at night! Needless to say we went right to the party, cheers-ed our shake-up away, rang in the new year and passed out.

I hope I never actually run in to Snoop Dogg, in addition to the fact that he’s always kinda freaked me out, now I’m mad at him for busting up Kelly’s little Honda.

A lot

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Since we last spoke, I made a lot of cookies, ate a lot of cookies, drank a lot of wine, had a lot of fun with both sides of my family, sent a lot of text messages, opened a lot of great presents and spent a lot of time with my favorite people.

Unrelated to Christmas, I celebrated a growing family at a surprise baby shower, and got a new sister-in-law to be.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the week here in IL seeing more friends and family and throwing my New Year’s Eve brunch – and I’m really looking forward to setting and achieving goals in 2012 – woo hoo!

Merry Medical Christmas

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I just texted Elizabeth, “My face is having a traumatic week.”

I’m currently sitting with a completely numb right side of my face after returning from the dentist. Me, Michelle no cavities in my adult teeth, had 1.5 fillings. That only bums me out because my teeth are my favorite body part, well you know and my left foot, but actually it’s better to get them filled then to be a 55-year-old in line for a root canal. Plus at least fillings blend in now.

I can’t even remember the last time I had a filling, it must’ve been more than 10 years ago, when I lost my last baby tooth. Yes, in high school. That was when I had three cavities in the same tooth, ew I know and all silver. I used to get so irritated because I had all the cavities and Michael had none. At the time he ate more sugar than I did, now I’m pretty sure that’s reversed, maybe that explains the hole in my tooth.

Anyway, texting her reminded me of my mom’s favorite segment of Kathy & Judy’s radio show on WGN 720 during the holidays – Merry Medical Christmas. Listeners sent the ladies the strangest Christmas letters they received. You know the ones that say something like:

“Michelle got a cortisone shot in her swollen lip zit on Monday because she looked like a mutant, and then on Wednesday got her first filling in 10 years. Tom is also scheduled to have a dental procedure this afternoon and we are keeping our fingers crossed that Sue’s Vitamin D count keeps rising. Madeline is getting her tonsils out a few days after Christmas because she puked the day before she was originally scheduled. Marilee, Ava, Madeline, Michelle, Grenning, Tom, Sue & Tommy all got sick after Thanksgiving with some sort of sinus and ear infection. Surprisingly, Michael, Mr. Emergency room, has been sailing through December. Knock on wood because you never know when he’ll get his toe sliced off somewhere or end up with another concussion. Merry Christmas from the Abraham’s.”

That made me laugh, which was weird because my tongue is half alive and half a mystery.

On the flip side of that, my Auntie Mary Kay sent out the best Christmas card ever this year. Photos are obviously the trend lately, especially with grandchildren and children looking adorable. She has seven little ones in her life and she had a little collage of them in the card, but the best part wasn’t the photos, but the card itself. Instead of the traditional postcard-like printout, it was folded into a little present that you had to pop open. Loved it!

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