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was my “last day at Westwood.” I know because I wrote in on my calendar, in my little brown q&a book and I planned it so that I would have ALL my stuff shipped by September 1st and, of course, before Septemberfest.

I’ll be there at 4:30.

Instead of being blah about it, I decided to laugh and be happy that they let me come back and make some money. I mean, remember that mind-clouding debt I had in April, well that’s gone, and my student loans are stepping their way out forbearance this month, so that ability to go to work and come home with money is appreciated.

Now, I had to do a little convincing myself to not be blah about that, but what I don’t need to convince myself is to be happy about the two interviews I have in my near future! Neither are the perfect job, but you know where they aren’t? Indiana. (By the way, that person never re-contacted me after asking me when I was available for a phone interview. Interesting.)

I’ll update you with those results/information at they occur, but until then I have two more things to type your way.

1) Check out your Daily Herald’s Food section tomorrow, Wednesday August 29th, for my cheesy face potentially holding a jar of cinnamon sticks and cinnamon extract. I’m guessing the picture will be embarrassing, I’ll let you know tomorrow.

2) My favorite weekend of the year is upon us!!! Four days until Septemberfest! 

I lied, three things.

3) After looking for that fest link,  it looks like September is like my month for big changes.

2009 – Finally got a job after college – Westwood.

2010 – Realized I wanted to go back to school – ICB

2011 – Moved across the country – LA

I’m pretty anxious to fill in the blank after 2012 – ?????


My left bicep is making it hard to eat oatmeal

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“Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t.”

Sometimes when I work out I feel like Elle Woods. Bubbly, smart and ambitious. Which is great because that’s what I’m going for this year – not exactly that specific, but my two new year’s resolutions are to get out of my comfort zone and to be the best Michelle I can be, i.e. bubbly, smart and ambitious. Labeling my reso the “best Michelle,” is the most positively awesome way to soak up all of those “be healthy,” “stop procrastinating” and “get a job” resolutions into a happier sounding goal, which works much better for me, probably you too.

You know I like to work out and that I also like to pay at little as possible to do anything, so yesterday I bought a Groupon for 6 weeks of bootcamp for $45. Which is probably something I can’t technically afford, but on the other hand, my grandparents gave me $50 for Christmas – spent. They could’ve just as easily given me a hug, so this works better. Plus, if you’re mom, Chrissy, or any of the other 20 people I told some recent stories to, you understand the irony, yes actual irony, of me using that money for fitness classes. Either way I’m excited that my first 6am class was fun and I’m also already in pain. Exactly what I was hoping for. Six weeks from now, February 8th (Stevie’s 25th birthday!) I will be ripped I promise.

Hopefully also employed so that I can continue working out there.

Speaking of Stevie, my leftover for today is about our annual Christmas celebration last week. We celebrated our favorite way with a pedicure and a nice dinner. I love her apartment in Naperville. If only I could host a talk show there, I’d move in next door tomorrow. Well maybe not tomorrow, but sometime in the next few weeks.

We went to the nail place and it really brought me back from LA to suburbia. Granted, I don’t do that much here, aside from find good deals, get my vitamin D in the sun and drive to interviews (hopefully getting the job today!), but I’ve noticed that I am missing those suburban sweatpants women. Luckily they all showed up at the nail salon in Naperville. They were so awesomely dressed that we had to text each other our comments – “Where can I buy her outfit” ” Palatine High School Gift Shop” of the women rocking deep red actual sweatpants bunching at her belly button with a red turtle neck tucked in.

In addition to Mrs. Claus, there were four others waiting in line for us to comment on. I know, sounds so mean, but when you have a best friend for 20 years (yes, 20!) you get to talk like that about other people. It’s in the rules.

We ended our fun night playing Guess Who! and making up ridiculous questions:

‎”Are you making a gay face?” “Yes”…”Are you Bernard?” “Yes”

“Do you look like you cheated on your husband? … Maria…”

This post might just be a ploy to get her to visit… on her birthday when my 6 weeks of soreness is complete.

Today’s thought: Technology is ruining my life.


Ok, I admit that sounds very self-centered, let me restate this. Technology is ruining everyone’s life.

I see the irony of this statement. Without technology I wouldn’t be able to type this let alone send my thoughts streaming all over the world on the Internet, but let me defend my case.

I’m addicted to my cell phone and computer and I don’t know anyone between the ages of 18-30 that isn’t, especially those of us without a spouse or child… though I’m not sure if that really limits the addiction. We spend hours checking our phones and emails to see if anyone wants to talk to us, but spend a whole lot less time actually talking with people. When we do have actual face-to-face conversations, we keep our little phones in our pocket or purse so that if it beeps or vibrates we won’t miss a thing.

This makes life less personal despite the feeling that we’re more connected than ever. We’re obviously easier to reach, a touch of a button and we’re in a conversation of some sort, but our attention span is declining and we can’t step away from these devices out of pure fear of missing something “important.”

I would love to break free from technology. No offense to my amazing MacBook Pro, probably the best purchase of my life, but I can’t step away for too long without getting that tech “itch.” What if someone is trying to contact me and I’m not responding? I might miss out on some important news or a great opportunity. But mostly, I’m just missing a potentially humorous facebook link or another health tweet about getting a bikini body.

I’ve even gone so low that I bring my phone in the basement while I’m on the treadmill and in the bathroom while I shower. And you know what? No one calls, or needs me or has much of anything important to text or tweet me. Hence the reason why I’d like to be tech free for a few days.

But this will not happen anytime soon. First of all, I’m looking for a job and an apartment, both things that, in 2010, are pretty reliant on technology. Second, where else would I post my thoughts of the day, so maybe I can tone down the in-person ramblings my co-workers have to deal with, and thirdly, because, well, I love technology.

Thus ends another thought of the day. Whether I made any sense at all or just bored you to sleep, at least I got it off my chest 🙂 Happy texting/blogging/tweeting/facebooking/emailing and whatever else you do online!


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