does free chocolate taste better than chocolate you paid for?

That’s a dumb question. Duh. Because it’s free. I don’t have too much to say today, whoa, I know, that’s weird. Maybe it’s because my mouth is full of free Twix and Hershey miniatures. This is a January constant for me. Holidays are over and I try vehemently to stop eating crap and get back in shape. Physically – I’m rocking it at my sweaty sweaty boot camp session. Nutritionally… well, nutritionally, I am definitely getting all of my antioxidants possible. By that I mean, every berry, fruit, vegetable and twice as much chocolate as any human should consume. What can I say, I’m sweet.

Today I realized I need to bust it out and get my career on track. To do that I need to get some help. Unfortunately I know this will end up being pricey, but I need a talent agency and/or manager. I sent out ten or so emails to agencies today, while I chomp-ed on coco, and I’m hoping I will be sent in the right direction by someone.

Wish me luck.

Also, I need my haircut.


Wishing, hoping and re-gifting

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I currently spend about 10-12 hours on my computer everyday, and yet I haven’t been posting so much. I blame it on my inner worry of getting in trouble – even though the travel coordinator I’m assisting told me I can play on facebook when I have nothing to do. Since I have a bit before I need to get ready to leave, let’s catch up.

You know that I am going to my 6 am bootcamp class – waking up at 5:30 is difficult, but I still like the class, it beats having to figure out how I want to workout for the day, it’s over at 7am, and I’m hoping it’ll do more for me than just running. Let’s be serious, than just running 1 mile and walking the rest while on the phone with my mom.

I’ve also been working again at American Idol as a travel PA, which is almost a too-good-to-be-true deal. I work from 10am-7pm (ish), on a $125/day rate, which is usually for a 12 hour day, there’s food, coffee, water, diet coke and the occasional birthday cake and jar of candy at my disposal. I bring my own computer, and either I’m so busy that the day flies by, or I get paid to order my contacts and play words with friends. Win-win-win situation going on. Plus, this was completely out of the blue. The travel guy – Brian – happened to call me the second day I was back asking if I was free to help. I’m still waiting to hear about the job I flew back to interview for, but so far so good, I’m still in the running. I’m hoping to find out about that this week and hoping, hoping, hoping that I get it because it’s job security for a year!

That’s pretty much what’s going on right now. I need to buy new shoes and get a car wash, but I mean whenever that happens it happens.

My leftover story today is about birthdays. Brian’s birthday was Tuesday and I gave him an adorable little square balloon on a stick and a “birthday story” about my mom running into the secretary from our elementary school who was excited to hear a “Collins story.” I explained to him and the office that I’m poor so my birthday presents are inventive this year. For example, my sister’s birthday was in October and I re-gifted her a brand-new wallet that I wasn’t really ever going to use that happened to be similar to something she was looking for. My brother Tommy is getting a pretty creative present this weekend, that cost me nothing, but Michael’s gift was by far my favorite. Remember when I was spending my days doing audience work? Well, one day on the set of The Doctors, in addition to getting my $20, we got the audience gift – the male version of the shake weight. Despite my love for exercise, I wasn’t planning on using it. But, I knew the perfect person who had a birthday coming up and a goal of shedding some lbs before a vacation in April. Boom – Michael’s birthday present. But the best part is I also gave him the bag of fried onion strips from my airplane salad – to teach him portion control, and half a bottle of energy vitamins that gave me a headache.

So until I become famous don’t expect to be rolling in expensive birthday presents – but you never know when I might re-gift you something awesome.



la-la, la. la.

It’s weird to feel christmasy without snow, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Mariah Carey’s Christmas album takes care of it.

We decorated our house Sunday and it looks so cute! One big multi-colored tree, my baby Walgreens tree and our green sticks tree fill our living room to the max but it’s a very nice festive homey feeling, which was a perfect end to a very roomie weekend, which I desperately needed. I think because I was home for so long I was trying to not think about the boredom/lack of income of LA and just enjoy being home, which I did but then I came back and BAM, I remembered. It’s hard to balance an appropriate amount of financial stress because yes, it’s necessary to be aware of the problem and attempt to fix it, but at the same time I was so stressed a few weeks ago that my lower level twisted tooth was in pain for about 6 days. I’m still dealing with that problem, but trying to push through. Anyway, you know I’m poor, so I’ll just tell you my happy thoughts.

1 – great roomie weekend included multiple movies after midnight ( know you like that alliteration there), going out to a karaoke bar, making a brunch buffet and colorful rice krispie treats on Sunday in between the decorating fun.

2 – getting paid to see Jay Leno live today, he was really nice and came out to talk to the audience and take pictures with people before the production began. The guests were Katherine Heigl, who I always liked even if other people don’t, a comic and Tai O Cruz, performing his new song. I love getting to experience any live or live-to-tape show so I was happy to be there and even happier knowing there is a new $20 in my wallet.

3 – Elizabeth’s sister, Nicki is having a baby girl! The whole world is pretty much excited for her 🙂 She is one of the most loving and motherly people in the world and has been dreaming of this day for a little under 25 years, it’ll be 25 on Saturday to be exact. She’s had a rough time getting here, but it’s official. Yay!

4 – I have another post production PA interview Thursday, wish me luck, my bank account is really, really, hungry. But so is my brain, we’re getting bored up there. It’s definitely time for a challenge.

5 – And 5, my giant cookie exchange box came today! Read more about that here. God I love the sugar involved in December.

Happy Tuesday!

reset, reversal


I feel like I hit a reset button this weekend, cleaned my brain, my clothes, my room and my hair.

A lot has happened in three days, well mentally a lot has happened, and we got a whole nother hour to think about everything.

When I last left you I was reading a knife script over and over and over and over again to no avail. Yesterday I realized why. I do not, at all, want to do this job. Obviously any job and money is something I shouldn’t be turning down. But, a job that is complete commission and does not reimburse you for gas/travel, when that could be up to 80 miles from your house made me nervous. So nervous that I stopped reading the script. In the last two days, the closest I got to reading it was to move it from the floor of the living room to the foot of my bed. And I think I ripped it in half.

I realize that accepting and then un-accepting a job isn’t very upstanding, but, at the same time I never should have accepted it in the first place. Also, I KNOW that any money is money for me and that is why I am making a commitment to myself to earn some sort of money this week, TBD how that will happen, but it will. Sidenote: Alex just brought in a flyer about a reward for a lost cat… so I might be looking for Mochi tomorrow.

On the flip side, I have a small reason to be less upset about the knife money not coming my way – I got hired on the staff of American Idol for their Hollywood week December 11-15. I’m so thankful to my brother’s best friend for finding connections for me, and am planning to be the hardest working person alive that week in hopes of continuing with the show when they come back from break after the new year.

I’m hoping this gut instinct reversal is a good thing, and so is my wallet.

feeling like you’re on a roller coaster is better than just standing in line

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I keep thinking about my job search as a roller coaster, because every time I get an inkling of a job opportunity, at least three come into play within what seems like an hour, and then I don’t get any of them, hence the downward part of the roller coaster. But, you know what? That is better than having no interviews.

So I again embark on my roller coaster for this week which includes an interview for a boat cruise serving position, which, of course, is immediately followed by another interview/audition for a live “infotainment” infomercial demo position. I know, sounds very “Sham-wow.” But, it is in the realm of what I want to do, and reading script, etc is great practice for The View (in 10 years). I’m not expecting anything awesome from it, but you go and then decide, right?

The Friday is almost a repeat, first a serving position at a Double Tree hotel, and second is another meeting with the magazine I am supposed to be featured in their November issue. I’ll give details about that as they emerge, we are hoping that turns into something amazing because it involves live hosting, print interviews and possibly modeling jobs, all of which pay and include experience. So basically wish me luck on all or any of these four jobs, and that waking up super early to get to the gym before the roller coasters begin.

Or, you know, my parents can just keep sending me winning instant lottery tickets – $100 on one scratch off! Thank you!

sweatiest girl in the room


At least when you’re at the gym, it’s totally ok to hold that title. It’s not ok anywhere else, believe me, I’m an Abraham, it’s an unfortunate detail of my life.

I’m busting my butt running and going to a workout class today, like super gross style my hair looked like I just got out of the shower, but the weird thing to me was that the instructor was completely sweat-less, and this was her second class in a row teaching. Like I mentioned, I know I”m uber-sweaty, but really how is it possible to teach a 50 minute cardio class followed by a 50 minute weight class and not emit a single drop. I feel like maybe she’d botoxed her sweat glands.

I am in LA, it’s very possibly, plus she has a very plastic looking body. She’s kind of mean, but in a way that she really wants to make sure no one hurts themselves, but each time I’ve attended one of her classes, she’s singled out a woman (always over 40) and basically reams them out through the microphone, which is complete motivation to do everything as correct as possible. Today she was funny though, she said something like, “Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, squats and lunges are. I was fat til I was 30.” She has an accent so it’s funnier when she says it.

Anyway, back to the sweatlessness, does boxtox really work? is it healthy? or is is just overheating your body, don’t we sweat for a reason other than embarrassment?

I’ll google that info later, I have PLENTY of free time. So far yesterday seems like my busiest day of the week with a magazine modeling meeting and an interview for a post-production PA position, please send me your luck wishes, because I am bored, I even took a nap for two hours today just to kill time.

asparagus and pedicures

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I used to be really busy, in fact, when I first started broadcasting school, the school’s director labeled me, “The Busiest Girl in the World.” I am hoping to be her again soon. Wish me luck because tomorrow I have two opportunities that I need to grab hold of, which is funny because aside from the gym, I’ve been doing absolutely nothing this week, so of course when two things come my way they are within two hours of each other. The world’s way of attempting to keep me busy – keep it up because next time I go to the store I really want to buy the $4 asparagus I turned down today!

Also, a pedicure, I need a pedicure, Linda, I will never learn to paint my own toes.

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