I Like When Things Smell Yummy

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Remember a while ago I told you about the under eye serum that made me do a double-take? Yes that was me with the brighter eyes, well there are more products where that came from and today I want to tell you about the face moisturizer.

KiwiFox’s moisturizer is titled, the AquaSurge Age-Defying Moisturizer, and the site totes its amazing hydration abilities.

Sure, most moisturizers think they’re great and soft and smooth, but I’ve really only found that to be true with a few, one of which is this! The cream is thick and smells yumerific. And, well, it’s green, so that’s just much more fun than other moisturizers.

The cream has definitely upped my softness and since it smells so good, if I forget to put it on, I get reminded because my nose tells me it’s missing the deliciousness. I’ve had a lot of stress lately so I can’t comment on the cream’s ability to control breakouts but maybe in a few months I can. I hope so!

In other news, I’m back home and un-packed (well the Fiesta is un-packed, we are still waiting for the movers), and starting the next round of Michelle revamped. I’m updating my demo reel and perfecting my resume. I’m motivated but need ALL the encouragement and money luck that exists, send some my way if you can spare it!


I can’t, it’s raining.


I guess 6 months is about how long it takes you to adapt to a big change.

It’s raining. Not just a drizzle, not exactly the downpour from last Saturday, but it’s raining. So much that we are sitting in our apartment, in our pajamas and glasses, under the covers with almost no lights on, no TV, no radio, just being lazy.

Because we live in Southern California and it’s raining. We just can’t find it in us to do anything. Granted, my car is a block and a half away, and it’s a commitment free Sunday, but if we were home in Illinois, we would probably still make it to Target or the grocery store or the movies or the mall, and run errands and do something, but we can’t, it’s raining.

Interestingly, I think today is the first time I’ve been bored in like a month, and I think I would be even if it was sunny out.

On an unrelated topic, I’m excited to go home for a few days over Easter. It’s a good time to travel. I have to start working the following week, I haven’t seen my favorite little kids in two months and I’d rather hear about the cruise I’m not going on in person with dessert in my tummy (lent is almost over!) then over the phone. 11 days!

In the Dictionary,

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Refresh is defined as:

Verb: Give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate

Noun: An act or function of updating the display on a screen.

That made me laugh.

As you recall, February was “move-on” month, January was… well January was January, but I forgot to mention that March is “refresh” month.

Now, you may be thinking naming months is silly, but it’s kind of like a reminder to work for something and a way to gage progress. We create goals or want to improve all the time, and for me it helps to create a theme – like refreshing – and go from there. If it works for you too, great join the refreshing party. If you’re bored with my month-naming, then come back tomorrow when I’ll tell you something completely unrelated.

Anyway, I know it’s already the 11th of the month (though I have no idea how that happened) but I’m trying to re-fresh my mind and my body.

Falling into the writer role at Red Carpet Tips is doing a lot for the “refreshing my mind” goal. I can’t remember the last time I wrote this much, or actually had this much to do. Sometimes that  can be stressful,  but it’s better than the opposite.

For the “refreshing my body” goal, I’m back at boot camp for 2 weeks – including yesterday’s workout on the beach. Was it smart to workout in sand while barefoot with a healing broken toe? No. But, I now realize how close I live to the beach and plan to workout there more often.

I’m also refreshing my face with new makeup (finally used my christmas gift cards!) and amazing swag from my Oscar Lounge weekend.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to KiwiFox products, and by introduced I mean given full size “samples” of both the dark circle remover and the moisturizer.

I’ve been using the dark circle remover for a week and the woman at the MAC store yesterday told me I didn’t have much darkness under my eyes. That’s amazing for an insomniac like me.

I just got the moisturizer in the mail the other day and my skin feels very soft and it smells like Kiwi, so I’m super pleased. Plus, you know HD cameras aren’t getting any blurrier, so I have to combat wrinkles now.

That’s my refreshing post.

Define: Sunshine

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1 – Direct sunlight unbroken by cloud, esp. over a comparatively large area.

2 – Cheerfulness; happiness

I met some of my goals this week, others I failed at, but that’s life right? If you never failed, success wouldn’t feel so good.

I’m still feeling a little blah, but just a teeny bit because I’ve been pretending I’m on vacation.

Vacation? You might think, “Michelle, umm, I don’t want to be rude but you have no job and you live in Southern California, what could you possibly need a vacation from?”

Good point, and that’s exactly why I’m pretending to be on one. After unsuccessful interviews and a haircut I think it too short, I keep feeling crappy. My bank account is going down, I am bored, etc, so I’m vacationing from my thoughts everyday from 3-4pm.

Because that’s when we get direct sunlight in our “backyard.” Our backyard, or patio, could be described as a thin outdoor hallway where we have old patio furniture and my Papazon chair from junior high. So yesterday and today I’ve been vacationing outside. Daydreaming, fake sleeping, getting away from my best friend the computer and reading Sherri Shepard’s autobiography.

And due to this fake vacation, I’m much happier, have managed to get more accomplished with my best friend – update my LinkedIn profile, plan things, submit proposals, apply to jobs and schedule an exciting meeting for Tuesday that I’m really happy and hopeful about.

I mean, it helps that I picked to do this on 75+ degree days, especially when I know it’s snowing in IL, and also that my LA weather is turning a little bland starting tomorrow, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Clifnotes: OA, knomes, being 90+ and dumb Julie.


Oops. I just had too much fun this weekend to write about it.

Which I do not apologize for. In fact, I hope every single weekend that comes my way is just as fun. Maybe a little more sleep, and a little less driving but other wise fantastic.

My mom and my cousin came to visit me Friday early afternoon, and since I left work early to meet them, we began our OA weekend that night. Bar hopping from our hotel – the Four Points Sheraton LAX – to the nearby Marriott. We ventured next door because our Happy Hour was kind of crappy, but we were happy when we left, the food, drinks and ambiance at the Marriott were fantastic. A meal complete with martini, strawberry mixed drinks, enormous and tiny salads, humus and vegetable, AMAZING and warm bread and butter AND olive oil. And free desserts. Unfortunately for me they were strawberries dipped in chocolate and peanuts, but the others enjoyed.

Back to our hotel and ready for crazy day Saturday.

We woke up to rain, which allowed me to use the fitness room before we headed out to a super yummy breakfast in Santa Monica. The Omelette Parlor was so good, inventive and adorable. It’s on Main street in SM and was so worth it. I would go back everyday. Then we walked around the area and Chrissy played stylist for me – something I will pay her to do someday!. We took a pit stop at the beach so she could flutter in the Pacific and then had to run for our tour of the Hollywood sign!

After that we had dinner at Obika, the mozzarella bar at the Century City mall. Amazing food — I had the grilled eggplant covered in sauce and melty mozzarella — crappy service. I was irritated about that. But we made up for it with whoa-baby-moist cake pops for the Vanilla bakery – famous from Food Network.

I know, this sounds like a food review post, but it’s because we ate a lot of amazingness. And it was OA weekend after all.

We headed back to the bar at our hotel that night and cocktailed the rest of the night. Chrissy was pretending she was in the Caribbean or something with her sunset cali drinks.

Sunday was my mom’s TWENTIETH time seeing Wicked. Have you seen anything 20 times? Maybe The Little Mermaid. Maybe.

She loved it, of course, and we went with her cousin, Diane and her two daughters. I saw the daughter from Desperate Housewives in the lobby and she looked snotty. Also I’m mad that my first casual celeb sighting was an 8-year old. Boo.

After the show we ventured to Long Beach to Parker’s Lighthouse to meet with my mom’s Aunt Lee – almost 92! — and her other cousin and his wife.

If you’ve never had a conversation with a 90-year-old. Find one. Do it.

She asked me where I was working. I said, “American Idol.” She said, “You’re a physical therapist?”

When I got loud enough for her to hear, she responded with “You’re the director?”

“No, an assistant.”

Love her and her plastic jewels.

I know that was over 500 words (because there’s a word count on WordPress) but that really is the clifnotes.

I laughed more at OA-ing, lying about food diseases, my husband the strawberry margarita gnome, which I keep spelling knome, and Julie/Cheryl malfunctioning than most people laugh in a month. Great weekend, can’t wait for my next guests!

Pushed and Praised

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Lately I have been dealing with a lot of different kinda of motivation and motivators. Between the hosting boot camp I went to over the weekend, the countless (well actually I’m Michelle so I know exactly how many) fitness classes in my recent past and anyone I’ve spoken with about jobs or advice out here, and I’ve come to a decision. Every one of them should be like the guy who teaches the 4:30pm Body Works class at the LA Fitness on La Cienega Blvd.

I went to this class for the first time last week, it was the first day I started my free guest pass at LA Fitness. I elliptical-led for a while then went in. It was probably one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken, but it’s the only one I repeated the second time around because the instructor was the perfect motivator. All motivators, coaches, leaders are different, but lately I feel like I’ve come in contact with the super Type A’s, they yell and scream and take the negative version of motivation. Sure that works sometimes, but it leaves you pissed off when you’re done. No one ever wants to thank the mean motivator.

Then you have the too nice guy/girl. They don’t push you at all, they are just sitting there teaching or speaking with a very small concern for anything other than this is their job and getting paid. This is actually probably worse than the mean people, because at least you’re getting something out of the Type A’s.

But, there is that special group of people, like the Body Works instructor, that knows the importance of balancing the two types of motivators, I can sum it up in a paragraph.

While doing a half push-up, half plank twist exercise, the instructor demo-ed multiple levels of what you could do. I HATE push-ups, it’s hard for my chubby arms to lift my giant bottom half, so I just did the planking twists. The teacher came up to me and told me to “do the push ups, you can do them, I’m not leaving until you do” (Type A), but then said, “awesome job,” and later came back twice to compliment me on other things. He also went around the room and did that for almost every attendee. He was personally engaging everyone and actually having them work to their potential. And I’ll be the perfect amount of sore and not hurt tomorrow.

So this sounds like another “positive lesson of the day” post, but too bad, that’s what I’m looking for right now. Positivity never hurt anyone.

thoughts from my car, wishing it was a motorcycle

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I think I’m going to the gym at the wrong time of day. Lately it has been taking me over an hour to get there, granted it’s still rare for me to arrive without at least one wrong turn, but still it used to take me less than 30 minutes when we were waking up in the dark to go, however, it now takes me 25 minutes to get home, so I’m thinking that between 8-10 is the worst time to be on those roads, oh well, I have nothing else to do so I’m not tremendously concerned with my time, but I get really hungry when I’m driving so far! Not to mention the game I play with my parking pass, since I had to pay for one minute last week, I’m making sure to leave with ten minutes to spare, but still no fun to rush out of there instead of enjoying the hot tub or steam room – just another reason why after November 11th, we have to find a closer gym.

Anyway, as I’m hanging out in traffic trying not to get distracted by Ryan Seacrest and Rosie O’Donnell’s discussion about Oprah and tequila (very funny segment on his show this morning), I instead got distracted by the motorcyclists swerving through the traffic. You see, in California, motorcyclists get to drive in between cars, which scares the crap out of me as a driver, but also really makes me want to learn to ride one.

Ok, not really. I’d probably die the first time I rode solo, plus making wrong turns would be ten times as risky! But, I bet those cyclers always make it to the gym on time.

The radio is different here too. I’m a cliché 24-year-old girl radio listener, so in Chicago my default station was 103.5 Kiss FM, in LA it’s 102.7 KIIS FM, please explain to me why KISS is KIIS here? I do not understand the reason or pronunciation. What I do know is that LA radio is anti-Chicago, well I guess just anti everything except LA. You see, every song that has lyrics about another city is replaced with LA or California, “Pretty girls in Chi-city” no longer Chi-city, and the worst one is Lady Gaga’s You & I, which is an actual true story about NEBRASKA, and you know what, LA, in Chicago, we still listen to the words, NEBRASKA, but for some reason it’s changed to California here, and the worst part is that whoever was in charge of the changed cut sucked. I only paid attention half the time during radio segments at ICB, but I could fix that track so that you don’t here her start “NEB” and suddenly blast CALIFORNIA, boo, LA radio, not cool.

Though, I redeem your radio, LA because every day I hear at least two No Doubt songs, which is both hilarious and awesome, because Tragic Kingdom is probably my favorite album ever, despite the trauma Michael caused me when he put glue all of the cd and broke it in half.

Last radio observation from today’s ride, I heard a commercial for Trader Joe’s frozen spaghetti and meatballs, so I start actually listening because they’re talking health and sale prices, and all the sudden the announcer is talking about giving the meatballs out to trick or treaters. Now, I’m sure the dish is delicious, and I know plenty of people who would be thrilled to get this — both of my brothers included — but is this commercial serious? If anyone has heard it and can help me out that would be fabulous.

Oh, and today on The Chew, Mario Batali gave weight loss tips. What??

(he was right though, calories in < calories out = weight loss)

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