yum: sometimes, always or never

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It’s a common idea that your taste buds change ever seven years due to some scientific notion that I really don’t know anything about (Sidenote: despite my interest in baking and exercising, I know nothing about science. I had to type my AP Physics teacher’s notes up in high school in order to get a B in the class.) I have a related theory, I think your taste buds also change due to your surroundings.

This makes a lot of sense, right? If you move to another country, you’d eventually adapt your taste buds a bit to their national food and drink, or at least come across something you’d never heard of and add it to your repertoire of preferred cuisine.

I also think the people you spend time with can change your eating habits. Although I will never find love for cream cheese, even with almost all of my best friends and former roommates sharing a love for it, I feel like my taste buds have changed a lot in the last year, mostly since I started waiting tables. I suddenly (like meaning I decided it today) love guacamole, as long as it is cilantro-free, and I’m a big fan of salsa (again c-free). I also now like pulled chicken and/or pork. I super love asparagus, Westwood’s seasonal vegetable (since November) and I like Champagne and homemade Caesar salad dressing. It may seem like those are normal people foods, but a little over a year ago, I probably wouldn’t eat or drink any of them. Oh, and coconut too! Though I still hate coconut flavored things.

So this was a boring post, but it’s prepping me for my big week of starting my internship at Savor tomorrow and also my big photo/videographer appointment Tuesday night – the “show” fudge is already chilling the fridge. I’m sure I could have entertained you all more with the stories of Westwood last night, but those need to be told in person. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 🙂


Saturday Night with Aunt Judy

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Super busy at work this past week, obviously I didn’t completely enjoy my Friday night, but Saturday ended up being a really fun shift. Even though we were there a lot longer than we expected to be, Linda and I worked a really fun 60th Anniversary Party. It as nice to spend time with this family and hear all of their funny stories, like about how this was only the third time Aunt Judy’s younger sister had ever seen her drunk, and that “we should probably order soon, Judy’s slurring her words.”

It was sweet to hear the anniversary couple give a toast and a speech about their time together and their families and it was super cute that they Skyped a cousin that couldn’t make it to the party.

Also they had this cute cake thing, which I suppose could be on my other blog… they had four small different cakes, one on each table and each a different flavor set up for dessert. Each table was supposed to slice it and then if you wanted to try some of someone else’s table you had to go get some. The flavors were picked specifically for the couple, including a lemon poppyseed cake for the grandpa. They were adorable centerpieces and a really cute idea for a formal-ish event.

Sorry if this post was a little gushy and not so funny, but better than a super complainer post!

I do have a though of the day though… why does garlic linger so long on your tongue and what is the best way to get rid of it? Of what I tried, chocolate and graham crackers seemed to win.

liquid laughs

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My mom says sneezes are uninteresting, so maybe these two stories will make you laugh.

So my shift at work today started at noon, which is a new things we’re trying (finally) that has our lunch closers come in at noon instead of 10:30. This is great. The one tiny issue is that right when you walk in at noon, you get tables, great, except that you miss any before work info… especially if, like me, you have been off of work for the last three days. So I had no idea our lemonade was broken.

At about 12:45 Linda asks Ryan if we’re still out of lemonade and I, of course, overheard this and was confused because I just poured lemonade from the gun and it seemed to work. I told them that and they said, “what? you served that?” apparently the lemonade on the gun was just some sort of mucky water and i served it to two people, including refills. “When was someone gonna tell me?” They thought I knew lol. Whoops. I gave the guy his last refill from the pitcher of lemonade we borrowed from next door so I wonder what he thought when this glass was actually lemonade.

Second story. Picture this, my mom is super thirsty when she comes in from taking the dogs out, she opens the fridge and sees a half full water bottle in the door. She thinks to herself, wow that water looks good and takes a big sip. Problem is, she forgot that water bottle was half full of vodka from my brother’s sneak-in to the racetrack Saturday, another liquid whoops. She immediately texts my brother to tell him and he asks, “are you ok??” Luckily my mom doesn’t have that Abraham chugging gene and only had a small sip. Later when she tells my dad this story she adds that she had to have one of her little cheese right away lol That it something I wish I was home for!

Moral of these stories: a little taste test goes a long way!

I love English accents.

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Not in the way that you’d expect a 23-year-old girl to. I’m not in love with them or want to meet, date & marry an English guy, in fact that would be an extraordinary problem because I would mock everything the man said.

It all started when I was in elementary school and SClub7 was popular. I couldn’t get enough of that show. Not because it was super funny or entertaining (it was nothing compared to Boy Meets World or Saved By the Bell), but because the characters were English. Every day when the show was over, I would practice my English accent for a half hour and entertain myself.

Ever since then I just like to listen to English accents to make mine better. I bring this up today because my last table tonight was an English man and an American man, and no matter what that English guy said I thought it was funny.

“I would like a Jack Daniels and coke”

“Your timing was impeccable”

“I would like the ribeye, well done, with mashed potatoes and asparagus”

Ok, I see that reading those sentences is not funny or entertaining at all, but now re-read them with an English accent. Instant entertainment. So every time I went in the back after being at the table I repeated everything he said to my co-workers, again instant entertainment. This source of entertainment was even worth the fact that I knew I wouldn’t be getting a 20% tip, that’s pretty much unheard of from an English table. Any English accented table I’ve had in the past usually tips about 10%, so I was actually pretty happy with my 15%.

This encounter also reminded me of my favorite part of the summer so far, my English accent afternoon at Adventure Day Camp, but I think I’ll write about that in the morning, and I’ll probably survey people about the best five minutes of their summer so far too, so start thinking!



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