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I did.

If you’ve been waiting patiently for my life update, I’m so sorry to hold you in suspense. If not, then I appreciate your click anyways and will fill you in.

I’m sitting in my room at the end of my, Michelle weekend, which is what I call Wednesday and Thursdays, feeling a lot better than Tuesday afternoon but still not perfect.

Tuesday was weird, I had a throbbing and tickling headache throughout my skull. And chills. And my contact blurred so I had to leave RCT early. Do to my current stressful situation of financial woes, homesickness, and job and life stress, I was ok with the extra 2 hours of rest.

What stress? Well you see, I am faced with some challenges that I didn’t really want right now. Things I would stop in an instant if possible, but what I’m gaining is worth it, at least for the time being.

Also, I’m counting down my bank account again, even though I have a part-time job in a few weeks. But I don’t want to have to start it, and here’s the best part – training weekend = 25th birthday weekend. A little bit unawesome. I’ll survive but I give myself the right to complain a little.

Also, I got in a car accident Sunday on the way to an event. Everyone’s fine except my self-esteem as a good human being. No tickets, no injuries, small bumps and bruises on my car and some bikes, but a whole nother level of stress.

Bright side! Not everything is negative. We finally got a sunny day today, I saw the BEST movie ever yesterday — 21 Jump Street — and I’m helping out at my bootcamp place in exchange for 6 weeks of classes, which I could not be happier about. Good people exist and I want to keep more of them in my life!

At the end of every bootcamp workout, we get in a circle, stretch and answer a question, today’s was, “when was the last time you felt passionate and alive?”

I talked about my second day interviewing celebrities at the Oscar lounge. It was one of those days when you forget to eat, forget to drink, forget to pee — which is big for me — and walk around with a severely broken toe in high heels. That’s what life is about, those moments where you’re happy to be in the moment. Which is why I’m sticking out the negative. But I’m mentioning the circle for a different reason. For the woman, who awesomely is almost 70 and looks under 55, who said something to the effect of, “I can’t think of anything, I’m always feeling alive and passionate. Whether times are rough or great, I find happiness in my family and everyone around me, I try to always feel alive and happy.”

I don’t want to wait until I’m 70 to be her. I think I’ll take that at 25… in 24 days.


In the Dictionary,

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Refresh is defined as:

Verb: Give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate

Noun: An act or function of updating the display on a screen.

That made me laugh.

As you recall, February was “move-on” month, January was… well January was January, but I forgot to mention that March is “refresh” month.

Now, you may be thinking naming months is silly, but it’s kind of like a reminder to work for something and a way to gage progress. We create goals or want to improve all the time, and for me it helps to create a theme – like refreshing – and go from there. If it works for you too, great join the refreshing party. If you’re bored with my month-naming, then come back tomorrow when I’ll tell you something completely unrelated.

Anyway, I know it’s already the 11th of the month (though I have no idea how that happened) but I’m trying to re-fresh my mind and my body.

Falling into the writer role at Red Carpet Tips is doing a lot for the “refreshing my mind” goal. I can’t remember the last time I wrote this much, or actually had this much to do. Sometimes that  can be stressful,  but it’s better than the opposite.

For the “refreshing my body” goal, I’m back at boot camp for 2 weeks – including yesterday’s workout on the beach. Was it smart to workout in sand while barefoot with a healing broken toe? No. But, I now realize how close I live to the beach and plan to workout there more often.

I’m also refreshing my face with new makeup (finally used my christmas gift cards!) and amazing swag from my Oscar Lounge weekend.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to KiwiFox products, and by introduced I mean given full size “samples” of both the dark circle remover and the moisturizer.

I’ve been using the dark circle remover for a week and the woman at the MAC store yesterday told me I didn’t have much darkness under my eyes. That’s amazing for an insomniac like me.

I just got the moisturizer in the mail the other day and my skin feels very soft and it smells like Kiwi, so I’m super pleased. Plus, you know HD cameras aren’t getting any blurrier, so I have to combat wrinkles now.

That’s my refreshing post.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery


You all know my friend Justine. I went to her wedding last year, we lived in a cubicle together, she’s famous, we never talk but always know what’s going on in each other’s lives, I want all of her success to hit me in its own form… I obviously can go on and on.

Well she posted this the other day and I’m copying. Aside from wanting to flatter her, I think my brainwaves are running hamster circles and just giving you short blurbs will help me, so thanks for reading.

1 – My dad sent me a $1 he found in the parking lot of Jewel to play the lottery. Very “Abraham” of us to do that and my whole world will benefit if I win something. I’m not kidding the excitement I would receive of just winning my $1 back the first time I tackled the CA lotto would last at least three days.

2 – Eva Longoria just re-tweeted me. I know, it’s so silly to be invigorated by that, but I am. I know it’s a huge possibility that she re-tweets everyone who compliments her Housewives performance (which by the way was really good, both comically and dramatically in the last episode), or that someone else is doing it for her, but I was feeling stressed and the little snippet of euphoria I got after the RT was the perfect cure.

3 – I bought a bag full of 180 pieces of Trident White gum today. I will be accepting more of these as early birthday presents gum immediately. I’m afraid having that many pieces on hand at once might mean trouble.

4 – I’m back at Fit Body Boot Camp for at least 2 weeks. Irma is awesome. In addition to being super sweet and encouraging, she was understanding when I told her I couldn’t afford her classes and saved a spot for me in the $6, 2 week President’s Day Sale.

5 – I’m 2 weeks into dessert-free lent. It’s not super terrible, but if you told me tomorrow was Easter, I’d be first in line for 1 bag of Godiva truffles and a giant bowl of chocolate therapy from Ben & Jerry’s.

6 – New internship is still going. It’s quite a load of work to throw yourself into, especially since I’m taking on an organizational role. But I’m confident in a few weeks I’ll be more comfortable. I’m sure I’ll still be stressed and I don’t know when I’ll ever feel like I belong in the fashion district, but I will be plugging away writing, editing and reporting.

7 – I feel like I had more to say but interestingly I think I’m done.

8 – I’m not done. I also want to mention all the deja vu and flashbacks I’ve been having lately. Maybe it’s because I’m so close to being 1/4 century old. 39 days.

The Busiest Girl In The World


No, right now I am not the busiest girl in the world.

In fact, for the past 12+ hours I’ve been sitting in a room full of walkie talkies. But honestly I’m pretty happy to be here.

Since last week I’ve been incredibly excited about my new internship at Red Carpet Tips. I think it’s incredibly funny that my first job reporting is also a writing job. Finally I feel like my two college educations melded together and found me a job.

As I mentioned before though, this is an internship. Which means what you think it means, no money. Which in all honesty doesn’t bother me until I realize I can’t afford to live. Then it’s a slight problem.

Side note: this is when I would be happy to discuss how I feel about communism. But that’s another story.
Anyway, so I’ve magically extended my $$ in three ways since I got my position.

1-the best thing that I ever EVER came across, Foodbuzz’s 24×24 program where they PAY me to throw a party and write about it. Sometimes I don’t believe it’s real, then get excited when my bank account revives.

2-I’m getting all my money back from the government! I’ve never felt so good about being poor. Also, thank you dad for turbo-taxing my many w-2’s from multiple states.

3-and 3, where I’m sitting right now in the basement of the Orpheum theater in downtown LA working the LA auditions for So You Think You Can Dance. And I’m already making overtime. Yes I’m sitting here as walkie talkie security for the next three days, but guess what else I’m going? Earning May’s rent!

Happy me. Plus since that little baby toe is still twisted and blue, sitting for three days might be a good thing.

what’s the difference? aside from 5mph


I understand the need for speed limits, and as a girl who’s yet to be pulled over (knock on wood), I obviously follow them.

Going 25 mph in a residential area makes complete sense. Though everyone may not agree, 45mph near someone’s house is much too fast to stop if a kid accidentally ran into the street, and on the other hand, 25 mph is way too slow to drive for more than 5 minutes. I even understand 35 mph, it’s for those middle ground area, but what drives me nuts is 40mph. Really? What in the world makes it necessary in the middle of a LONG street (i.f. Golf Road… believe me, it’s a long one), for the speed limit to weave in and out of 40 and 45mph.

First, no one (not even me), even reacts to the signage change. Sure, I see the 40mph peek out behind the tree, but I pretty much ignore it – especially because my fellow drivers are not planning to slow down and it’s much more important for me to protect the TOMSUE-mobile than make sure I’m completely obey-ing the law… I’ve come along way people.

And second, I actually would like an explanation to this, why does the 40mph even exist (30 is kinda pointless too). As I took my last trip (for now at least) alllllll the way East on Golf road (internship complete) I will not miss the frequent speed changes, not to mention the crazy cRazY CRAZY summer of construction!

Let’s home my trek to Lombard is more of a coast! Broadcasting school starts Monday 🙂

sleeeeeepy dance parties

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You know what’s even more dangerous than sneezing at the wheel? Almost falling asleep, two days in a row.

I didn’t mean to be so tired, but I accidentally forgot to change my availability at work and so I was scheduled Monday night 6pm, following my 6:15am wakeup for my internship. It wouldn’t have been too bad but I ended up having to close, which means I was there until 1am. And so then when I woke up for my internship the next morning I was kinda exhausted, and by kinda I mean more than 300 mg of caffeine before noon-exhausted, followed by a 7-hour day pretty much staring at a computer screen… which doesn’t really “perk” you up.

So you can imagine how I felt driving home at 4pm (in terrible Golf Road traffic). In order to stay up, I have instituted TOMSUE-mobile dance parties. Yup, I know I’m alone in my car, but if you were there… well if you were there I wouldn’t be alone and probably wouldn’t have to have a dance party, but back to my story…. if you were alone in a car for over an hour twice a day and super sleepy, you’d need to have a dance party too. So I blast the radio and sing my favorite dance party songs, which brings me back to college (and make me feel SOOOOOO old) and also makes me want to have dance parties on Saturday nights. So let me know if you’re interested.

can you really be pulled over for being barefoot?


I believe I broke the law today, I was driving barefoot.

You would flip your sweaty shoes off too if you were driving the TOMSUE-mobile on a 91 degree day on an hourlong commute. You see, I’m very happy my car returned, but it would have been even better if when it came back to me it was fully functioning. I no longer have a clock, which incidentally makes me feel late at all times of the day, and the air conditioning plays games with me. It either makes me feel frozen, this morning for example, or results in me walking in my house soaked in sweat, this afternoon. I mean I guess it wasn’t the other way around since I spent all day at a job and would’ve felt pretty ugly and disgusting in a sweaty sundress, but c’mon, TOMSUE, I need you to work for real!

Sidenotes on my car topic (sidenotes on sidenotes: i love sidenotes):

1. I really hate driving

2. I’m actually not so bad at parallel parking

3. I want to test drive the Ford Fiesta, but only in lime green

4. And I realllllllly hate driving

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