Listed Greatness


Trying to chime in on my greatness of the day feeling, and I have a list! Here we go:

1) Sometime between 12-3am last night, we were served our appetizers that we thought we had missed. Mozzarella sticks, giant chicken fingers and egg rolls… after ice Vegas bombs, drink tickets, champagne toasting our bride-to-be and line dancing the night away, this moment was absolutely perfect for my things that are great list.

2) I found Sonny a Halloween costume. He has been the “rufferee” since 11:30am. And then the Bears won, so I think he might be wearing this until February.

3) I curled Madeline this afternoon, then I squatted her. Yep, having fun can be exercise too.

What was great about your Sunday?

Tomorrow begins quite a big week for me and some of the most important people in my life. It’ll be my first full week at WBIG (this means, you must all go sign up for your FREE club card so that when I am alone on the mic next Monday, you can call and talk to me!), Wednesday my Cook of the Week recipe will be in the Daily Herald and I NEED your vote, so I can at least be the fan favorite if nothing else, it’s premiere week on TV, and MOST importantly… somebody’s getting married on Saturday! Happy Wedding Week Elizabeth & Patrick!


What can you do

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in 100 days?

Because we have exactly that many days left to fulfill whatever goals we had for 2012.

I really like counting days since and days til things and examining my life based on some sort of timeline – as you probably know from reading these posts – so I like to pause when things like “100 days until New Years Eve” come up in my countdown app.

In 100 days you can do a whole lot of things. You can spend or save a bunch of money, lose or gain a bunch of weight, plan the rest of your wedding… Erin & Chrissy… you can go through your last trimester of being pregnant… Bridget… you can travel, get a new job… Justine… (and me!) quit your job or take a chance and decide to retire…Auntie Roe… you can do almost anything. 100 days is actually quite a lengthy amount of time.

I will be preparing cookies for Christmas.

Just kidding, I won’t start that for another 70 days (December 1st). What I am going to do for the remaining 100 days of 2012 is something great everyday. Now great is a loose term., which, in itself is great. I get to decide what counts, which really means I just get to take an extra five minutes every day from now until frosty December 31st and realize how great little things are. I’m also going to attempt to write it here or somewhere so I remember to do it – and I encourage you to also. Since we are falling into the holiday season (fall-ing into… fall first!) it’s a good time to jump on the cheesy bandwagon and be happy.

Starting with today – I won $100 on the lottery ticket my dad bought me. This comes at a very opportune time since I’ve recently had a shopping problem. He gets his $20 back for the ticket cost and I get extra money to pay off those new dresses that I didn’t need. Perfect match. What is your great thing today?




Update from yesterday’s post.

The first interview was a success! I got the job, or I suppose if you can pull off the word “gig” that’s what it is… I just have trouble believing I can use that one. I will be the narrator/on-air host of the River Trails Park District training video. Obviously nothing monumental or you know, actually on TV, but you know what? They’re paying me a pretty nice amount for a one day shoot and this will go down in Michelle history as the first time I’m actually getting paid to do exactly what I’ve been trying to do for the last year. Milestone.

Even bigger milestone – I went to Jewel in a dress with my hair done and make-up on. Ok, I was still dressed from the interview, but I still managed to conquer the fact that I usually put pajamas on the second I walk in my door.

Finally, just one measly day until my favorite fest! I do still have to get through work today, but then I get to go home, bake, mix Sangria, make Jell-o  and clean for the weekend.  There’s that 8 mile run Tommy and I are doing at 6 am tomorrow, but that means, in just about 22 hours, I will be in Septemberfest mode awaiting my nieces and nephews ride-riding mornings, Bingo afternoons and a weekend full of not having to leave my house at all. PLUS my friends and family come over. I don’t think you can ask for anything better than that, especially when the weekend is three days, not just two!

Important note to fest-ers: If hurricane remnants happen to pour down in Schaumburg this weekend, you still have to come over. Otherwise my dad and I will be sitting in the garage — me probably in pajamas, and he will be rotating Septemberfest shirts and wearing his bright pink hat —  watching the rain, eating all the cookies, brownies and muffins and drinking all of the pitchers of Sangria, wine, tequila,  a fridge full of Old Style and a Costco bottle of Captain Morgan by ourselves. I don’t think my mom would like that.

Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone with three questions:

1) What are your weekend plans?

2) What is your favorite weekend of the whole year?

3) And what is the best tradition you have that has transcended childhood and you might even love more as an adult?

My body is falling apart


and I blame it on my low blood pressure.

I’ve always had low BP, but in the last two weeks my BP dropped from 100/60 something to 87/56. I know this because I have a giant (ok really small) white ball of something in my throat that I got checked out a few weeks ago, and yesterday I returned to see what was wrong with my bottom left jaw. Apparently nothing, though I disagree seeing that I was almost in tears at work yesterday and I had to hide all of my gum from myself today.

Regardless, I’ve decided to blame EVERYTHING that’s unfortunate in my recent life on my blood pressure. That just makes sense right?

Without going to any extreme details, here’s a partial list of my recent irritants, blaming them on those blood vessels.

What is with people e-mailing me about jobs and then not responding to my response? Do you not understand that I would LOVE to have a new job? That is just a mean joke.

I need a sweater that is not black. The temperature in the ICB building is temperamental, and I realized that my wardrobe can open up from the 8 rotating outfits I’m currently sporting, if I had some more sweaters. I will admit that today I did not match. I needed to swap out my black one for a burnt orange.

My treadmill is broken and causing me to shin split to the extreme. Yes, I know I’m supposed to run outside, but I don’t want to. I’m getting really tired of running for this half marathon and I’m convinced I might not finish. It’s the time commitment though, not the actual exercise. I used to run 3 miles everyday and I would probably be ok with that now, but anything over that means waking up much earlier than my brain enjoys. Plus I ran those 3 miles on the treadmill, inside, because I don’t like breathing outside – blood pressure for sure.

I need another haircut, but I don’t want one.

My bank account isn’t as full as I want.

Neither is my shoe collection.

I have water-proof eyeliner at the top of my upper eyelid.

That last one – super embarrassing.

So what do you want to blame on a completely unrelated element of your life??

I tried to take a positive spin on the day, but then I got dizzy and decided to just make it This Sucks Thursday.

I’ve been told

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that my last post was a Debbie Downer. So let’s bring it back up.

Sometimes I make Linda play my mom’s favorite game, “what three good things happened today?”

Let’s play!

1) My hair stayed curled all day without hairspray thanks to my new curling iron.

2) I woke up to on of my favorite people’s text (see I’m telling you it happens all the time), Kelly, texting that she can pick me up from the airport!

3) I just set all my clothes out and checked that my alarm is set for AM and will go to my class tomorrow!

Ok, it was a little difficult, but it can be done people. Pick three things, even on a tough day, which actually today wasn’t tough it just wasn’t monumental, you can pick out three positive things.

PS – Happy almost birthday, Cynthia!

I wake up to text messages a lot


No, I’m not tremendously popular, and no I don’t get spam texts. I just happen to be very text-y with my midwestern friends and family who don’t seem to do the whole time change math in the mornings.

I’m not complaining, I’m happy to wake up to messages.

Today’s was from my cousin Chrissy. You remember her from OA weekend.

Chrissy texted me this:

“Get your mega millions ticket yet?? … you have to and then when you win you can pay me a ton to be your stylist. And move me and my man/pugs to la.


Deal – of course. I’ve been waiting for Chrissy to be my stylist for ten years. Remember I’m in desperate need of style help most of the time, but this text made me think of what I would do with that kind of money. $500 something million ($300 million something after taxes).

I would absolutely pay off my car (and get it repaired) and all of my student loans. And never have to worry that after my rent and car payments this month, I have less than $150 to my name.

I would not have to start working part-time at the fancy hotel on my 25th birthday.

I would fly in all of my favorite people to celebrate my 25th birthday.

Pay for my grandparents house to be moved from Arkansas to Illinois.

Pay off my parent’s mortgage and reimburse them for my life. (which might be cutting it close to the end of my winnings).

But then I don’t now how my future would change. As I mentioned, I wouldn’t have to work for money, but I would still have the desire to follow my television dreams, so I’m not sure where I would live or what I would do next, though it would be pretty amazing if I could have to worry about that decision.

So I told my mom about Chrissy’s text and she made me laugh as she told me that my dad is already worrying about what till happen WHEN he wins all the money. I can just imagine his thoughts, “when we win the lotto, people are going to expect us to give really good gifts. I don’t want our kids to think they never have to work for anything. Should we get rid of the van? Maybe we shouldn’t tell the grandkids that we are rich…”

Oh Dad, the man who thinks LOL means Lots of Luck.

What would you do if you won? (after you shared some with me, since I made you think about buying a ticket…)

LOL (actually meaning lots of luck here)

My friend is totally famous


I mean she’s already amazing for writing this blog. And for being a crazy-motivated person since the day I met her, following her dreams but leaving room for editing them. (Total nerd-pun intended)

But now, she’s got a whole new role under her belt. Glamour magazine model.

Well kinda. She’s in the magazine’s January issue for her health and weight loss tactics, though if you read what she wrote, it’s almost the un-tactics that worked for her. I laughed when I read what she wrote, and more importantly the entire article she submitted which you can read here, because we always connected with our love of cookies and cardio machines. Now, though she’s all sorts of inspiring me all the time. I’m hoping our life paths keep seeming similarly, I’m just a few years behind and a gazillion miles to the left. Or West, if you’re gonna get technical.

My other note on this issue, literally, is that Glamour is my favorite magazine. You would expect my favorite mag to be bursting with brownie recipes and cake decorating tools, and I do love those, but as a magazine journalism degree holder, I also appreciate the articles and form of a magazine, and Glamour has it all. Granted yesterday was one of the most boring days I’ve had in a while, I would’ve spent the  hour or so reading the issue word for word, cover to cover anyways. It was a very well-written and entertaining January issue, despite the underwear-clad Kardashians. Put on some pants ladies, no one wears a sparkly half-buttoned cardigan and underwear to a party, unless maybe it’s Halloween.

What’s your favorite magazine?

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