This was my question of the day, yesterday.

I was at work, bored, because not a whole lot of people go out to dinner on Monday nights, or in July, so Monday nights in July aren’t so busy. I ended up closing, so I was there from 4:30-12:30 and I got really bored. So I decided to entertain myself by asking my co-workers and texting my friends and inquiring about their worst jobs ever, mostly to make myself feel better about my boring night.

I actually was really entertained by all the responses I got. Survey says these jobs suck: warehouses, nannying, retail, meat packing, grave digging, cleaning rooms at an inn, and my two favorites, survey calling and grocery store shelf cleaning.

So pretty much at one point or another, your job is gonna suck. Moral of the story – when you realize that waiting on non-existant customers on a Monday night isn’t quite as bad as grave digging, you don’t have it too bad…