Unnecessary Incognito


I’ve been trying to not wear baggy black yoga pants, blouse-y tank tops and my LA hat in public anymore. Mostly because when I do, I realize I look like a slob, and also because my mom has reminded me that I’m not famous. The hat and glasses aren’t a necessary grocery store duo.

Now, if you know me, you know that I hate pants. They aren’t as comfortable, budget friendly or easy to find as they claim. I prefer dresses with or without leggings. Leggings in August? Yes, it is 69 degrees in the ICB building, and sitting on your butt all day doesn’t warm you up.

This clothing quandary has led me to wonder what the current attire rules are in the business world. I’m trying to think if I ever actually worked somewhere with a strict dress code, well somewhere where jeans, black gym shoes and a low-cut V neck black shirt isn’t part of that strict dress code, and I believe there might have been one when I worked at Meredith Corporation. I recall wearing a lot of skirts, dresses and black dress pants, but I feel like sweaters and jeans were staples too.

Why am I boring you with this information? This is a multi-part answer. First, I do actually plan on cleaning my closet out this fall and I’m curious what to keep from the “I never wear these clothes because I work in a bar” section of my closet. Second, even though I don’t have a whole lot of expendable money on me I like shopping and thus I think I should be buying clothes that I can wear to a job or as a normal Target shopper, in hopes of keeping my pjs for inside my house. Lastly, because I have two job interviews this week!

I’m excited so you can be too (mom, Auntie Roe, Kathy & Justine), but I’m trying not to get too pumped up in case I flop them both. One is today and the other is next Thursday, so I’m hoping to report good news tomorrow along with my official one day til Septemberfest excitement.

Side note: Pretty sure neither of these jobs would require fancy office clothes, but still no pjs. My one never worn, tag still on it, collared blouse and blazer can stay hanging in the back of my closet for now.


My body is falling apart


and I blame it on my low blood pressure.

I’ve always had low BP, but in the last two weeks my BP dropped from 100/60 something to 87/56. I know this because I have a giant (ok really small) white ball of something in my throat that I got checked out a few weeks ago, and yesterday I returned to see what was wrong with my bottom left jaw. Apparently nothing, though I disagree seeing that I was almost in tears at work yesterday and I had to hide all of my gum from myself today.

Regardless, I’ve decided to blame EVERYTHING that’s unfortunate in my recent life on my blood pressure. That just makes sense right?

Without going to any extreme details, here’s a partial list of my recent irritants, blaming them on those blood vessels.

What is with people e-mailing me about jobs and then not responding to my response? Do you not understand that I would LOVE to have a new job? That is just a mean joke.

I need a sweater that is not black. The temperature in the ICB building is temperamental, and I realized that my wardrobe can open up from the 8 rotating outfits I’m currently sporting, if I had some more sweaters. I will admit that today I did not match. I needed to swap out my black one for a burnt orange.

My treadmill is broken and causing me to shin split to the extreme. Yes, I know I’m supposed to run outside, but I don’t want to. I’m getting really tired of running for this half marathon and I’m convinced I might not finish. It’s the time commitment though, not the actual exercise. I used to run 3 miles everyday and I would probably be ok with that now, but anything over that means waking up much earlier than my brain enjoys. Plus I ran those 3 miles on the treadmill, inside, because I don’t like breathing outside – blood pressure for sure.

I need another haircut, but I don’t want one.

My bank account isn’t as full as I want.

Neither is my shoe collection.

I have water-proof eyeliner at the top of my upper eyelid.

That last one – super embarrassing.

So what do you want to blame on a completely unrelated element of your life??

I tried to take a positive spin on the day, but then I got dizzy and decided to just make it This Sucks Thursday.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…


Totally kidding, except for some reason Jingle Bells keeps playing in my brain.

It may be the result of an epic margarita tailgate weekend in Wisconsin.

Important to note: I did not drink the entire bottle myself.

Also important to note: Light wild berry Jose Cuervo pre-mixed margarita is actually pretty delicious, a $3 bottle of Beringer Pinto Grigio was equally disgusting. Don’t buy wine with a coupon.

Despite the Brewers losing (which we all found out this morning) we had a very successful tailgate. No rain, no freezingness, no parking tickets – and we got to see Amy’s beautiful new house! I can’t believe one of my friends owns such a nice (HUGE) place, good for you, Aim.

I cannot believe August is 2/3 of the way over. Wasn’t it just May 1st? Both of Elizabeth’s showers are over and her surprise Bachelorette party was a fun-filled success. We are down to 41 days til her wedding and in case you were wondering 128 days until Christmas.

Life is staying kind of stagnant right now, which is nice because I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with friends and family celebrating different events and visiting with people I missed so much from the west coast, but I’m definitely entering “buckle down fall” this week. Oh how I love month themes. I’m starting now so that when it actually is fall I’ll be awesomely buckling down, and here are some elements of my buckling.

I just got an email about a phone interview, awesome. It’s in Indiana, not awesome.

Holy monkeys there are only 3 weeks until my half marathon. This past week was Tommy’s built-in vacation week and I definitely had my own running vacation too – so I’m part freaking out about the 21 days til the race thing… but it seems so close now that I’ll be sure to actually buckle that down.

I just got distracted by The Simpsons. I’m not even sure what I’m writing about. That’s why diets and buckling down start on Mondays.

I think I’ll get back to this list tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

Jingle All the Way!


Why I Hate Politics


I know, it’s not appropriate to hate politics.

I should be well versed in what the country is about and what is going on at all times. I should be concerned with every aspect of the economy, the stock market, the structure of Capitalism and each individual political issue.

But I can’t. I blame my mom.

Just kidding, but she is sitting here as my grandpa is watching more FOX News saying, “how can you listen to this all day long?”

I can’t. I can watch one actual news show each day plus my morning shows, because I love them, Live with Kelly and The View and I get the gist of what’s going on in politics, and I think right now that’s ok.

I know some people may that’s not enough but politics give me a headache. Not because of my personal beliefs, I’m relatively clear in my personal political beliefs and where I stand on issues, but I am tired of listening to people argue.

We live in such a society of team D vs. team R and such stereotypical feelings from both ends of the others. Plus, if you know me, you know that I think presidential election terms aren’t long enough to get anything accomplished before it’s time to pay people for votes again.

It’s no fun when you (me) is team R mixed with D divided by R plus a little more D.

That is all about that.

For the rest of my day off (woo! who doesn’t love days off) I will send out resumes and demos, fold my laundry and most importantly, finish making spaghetti sauce from scratch with my grandma and bread from scratch with my grandpa. Italian dinner tonight! And my take on Westwood’s Banana Cream Pie for dessert. Yum – happy Tuesday.

I want to watch a movie


One skill I learned in LA was how to kill time when there was nothing to do and no money to spend – watch a movie. Whether we picked one out from our diverse collection, or rented one from RedBox (often for free, cuz you know I’m good at that) we watched a lot of movies and right now I want to watch one.

Now you may think, Michelle, just go watch a movie, but it’s not the same. I’m super strange (for a lot of reasons) because I don’t like watching movies alone. If there was something I really wanted to see and no one else did, I’m sure I would watch it, and also anything I’ve seen a million times – no problem – but for some reason I just don’t like watching movies for the first time alone. Probably because I have no one to talk to during it. Plus I only have 2 hours til I need to get ready for work, so not gonna happen today.

Any good recommendations for when I have someone to watch one with?

The Little Things

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Don’t you love when a huge piece or ear wax jumps out of your ear, or when the puss in a zit shoots out with a light tap?

I know what you want to say is, Michelle stop reminding me how gross you are, but really you’re thinking, yes, yes I do love those things. You know why? Because a minute problem in your immediate life has been wiped away, solved and put to sleep. Well that is unless you accidentally poked that Q-tip too far in your ear and now you’re deaf. Or your zit popped on a public mirror, ok I’ll get back to the point.

A small problem being solved is a great feeling. It’s relief, which is like the 3rd best emotion, and it gives hope that other problems have the potential to be solved as well.

I’m not actually experiencing too many problems right now but I’m just a little in limbo. I’m a creature of habit and love a schedule and I don’t have one so I’m a little lost. I started training for a new job last week but I’m not sure if I made the right decision, but I can’t act on my concern because I had an audition Saturday (after the PanCan walk) that if I get would force me to quit the new part-time because of the schedule conflict. Which I think I would be happy with, but then I would again be figuring out a part-time job. I know lots of mundane, boring information spinning circles in my mind leaving me a little sleepless.

So I’ll wait til I know what to do and instead be pleased when I find wax on my Q-tip. Or maybe something more fun like a free sample in my mailbox or my furniture actually arriving! At least I completed my 5-mile Monday, my favorite task when I’m plan-less, and I’ll chew a whole pack of gum.

Please, look down


“The moving walkway is now ending… please, look down. The moving walkway is now ending… please, look down.”

The walkway woman is on repeat in the United terminal at O’Hare airport as you walk from the C gates to the B gates (I think), but definitely as you walk from where I landed yesterday to baggage claim, which is where Danielle picked me up and where I’ve been picked up more times than most 24 year olds.

I mean, I haven’t surveyed anyone on that statistic, but I’m thinking I can put it out there with no argument.

Some people might find that “moving walkway” voice annoying, or repetitive, or maybe a few might think it’s unnecessary. I disagree.

It’s completely necessary. Obviously the airport doesn’t want children or silly people or nervous flyers forgetting to look down, duh. Mostly because the ceiling down there is filled with colorful changing lights and mirrors. I’m sure there are plenty of times I almost forgot that the walkway was “now ending”!

Anyway, the reason I’m writing about that area is because that is one of my favorite home-iest places in the whole world. Las Vegas might be my favorite city, the spot I’m sitting in right now on my L couch in Schaumburg might be my favorite seat, but that underground walkway is my favorite place. When I’m there I feel excited and happy, like my brain is comforted when I hear her voice, like I’m home.

It’s probably because I used to practice that woman’s tone and words all the time, whether I was at O’hare or not. Even though I now realize she’s probably a recording, when I was little I wanted her job. I could do it, I promise.

I also wanted to be a flight attendant, and I look down on them now that they don’t memorize the safety demonstration and just play the movie. C’mon people, I like when you show me my two closest exits may be behind me! I’m comforted when you tell me in case of a water landing, my seat cushion will act as a floatation device, and I need to know that in case of emergency lighting will guide me.

Sorry for the rant, I just still kinda want to be a flight attendant, but I would do the demo, sometimes you just have to see how to put the mask on yourself before assisting someone else.

Back to my question for you all: What’s your homey place that’s not at home?


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