what’s the difference? aside from 5mph


I understand the need for speed limits, and as a girl who’s yet to be pulled over (knock on wood), I obviously follow them.

Going 25 mph in a residential area makes complete sense. Though everyone may not agree, 45mph near someone’s house is much too fast to stop if a kid accidentally ran into the street, and on the other hand, 25 mph is way too slow to drive for more than 5 minutes. I even understand 35 mph, it’s for those middle ground area, but what drives me nuts is 40mph. Really? What in the world makes it necessary in the middle of a LONG street (i.f. Golf Road… believe me, it’s a long one), for the speed limit to weave in and out of 40 and 45mph.

First, no one (not even me), even reacts to the signage change. Sure, I see the 40mph peek out behind the tree, but I pretty much ignore it – especially because my fellow drivers are not planning to slow down and it’s much more important for me to protect the TOMSUE-mobile than make sure I’m completely obey-ing the law… I’ve come along way people.

And second, I actually would like an explanation to this, why does the 40mph even exist (30 is kinda pointless too). As I took my last trip (for now at least) alllllll the way East on Golf road (internship complete) I will not miss the frequent speed changes, not to mention the crazy cRazY CRAZY summer of construction!

Let’s home my trek to Lombard is more of a coast! Broadcasting school starts Monday 🙂


2 minutes is a long time to wait to spit

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The night that I shot my fudge video, I bought a $95 toothbrush on Amazon. I know, that sounds super nuts. Well if you’ve been reading this blog (or know me at all) you know that it’s not super nuts, it’s super-michelle. I ordered the toothbrush because that night I realized that I really do want to be on TV, and since my teeth are pretty much by best feature, I need to keep them clean and nice for as long as possible!

My dental school friend picked me out the Oral B 5000 (I think that’s its name), mentioning that all of his dental school students have that one, so I made a super impromptu purchase and four days last my expensive purchase arrived. This was right about the time I took my halfsie paycut (part-time internship + restaurant = <$ full-time restaurant), so I had a spare $100 at the time, now not so much.

Anyways, the point of my story is two-fold. #1 – the toothbrush is great, but it makes me feel so lazy! I literally press a button and for 2 minutes (the wireless timer tells me when to move the brush to a new region) I hold my toothbrush and slightly move it, the brush does the hard part. I feel like I’m at the dentist just chilling out with toothpaste all over my chin waiting to spit. This reminds me that we are sooooo lazy and pay lots of money for machines to do work all the time… though this time it leaves my teeth plaque-free 🙂

And I can’t forget #2 – that these clean teeth will hopefully come in handy, because I’m going to visit broadcasting school next Wednesday! Smiles on that 🙂 but I’m thinking it might be one more of those big purchases (and by that I mean student loan add-ons) I’m not really equipped to pay. Oh well, I’ll deal with it. TOMSUE better hold on though because,  my bank account doesn’t want to pull double duty!!

PS – 2 days til my dessert detox is up… but more importantly until Septemberfest!! YAY, my favorite weekend filled with family, friends, fireworks and fun! And other things that don’t fit into my alliteration. The orange fences, rides and tents are up!

sleeeeeepy dance parties

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You know what’s even more dangerous than sneezing at the wheel? Almost falling asleep, two days in a row.

I didn’t mean to be so tired, but I accidentally forgot to change my availability at work and so I was scheduled Monday night 6pm, following my 6:15am wakeup for my internship. It wouldn’t have been too bad but I ended up having to close, which means I was there until 1am. And so then when I woke up for my internship the next morning I was kinda exhausted, and by kinda I mean more than 300 mg of caffeine before noon-exhausted, followed by a 7-hour day pretty much staring at a computer screen… which doesn’t really “perk” you up.

So you can imagine how I felt driving home at 4pm (in terrible Golf Road traffic). In order to stay up, I have instituted TOMSUE-mobile dance parties. Yup, I know I’m alone in my car, but if you were there… well if you were there I wouldn’t be alone and probably wouldn’t have to have a dance party, but back to my story…. if you were alone in a car for over an hour twice a day and super sleepy, you’d need to have a dance party too. So I blast the radio and sing my favorite dance party songs, which brings me back to college (and make me feel SOOOOOO old) and also makes me want to have dance parties on Saturday nights. So let me know if you’re interested.

can you really be pulled over for being barefoot?


I believe I broke the law today, I was driving barefoot.

You would flip your sweaty shoes off too if you were driving the TOMSUE-mobile on a 91 degree day on an hourlong commute. You see, I’m very happy my car returned, but it would have been even better if when it came back to me it was fully functioning. I no longer have a clock, which incidentally makes me feel late at all times of the day, and the air conditioning plays games with me. It either makes me feel frozen, this morning for example, or results in me walking in my house soaked in sweat, this afternoon. I mean I guess it wasn’t the other way around since I spent all day at a job and would’ve felt pretty ugly and disgusting in a sweaty sundress, but c’mon, TOMSUE, I need you to work for real!

Sidenotes on my car topic (sidenotes on sidenotes: i love sidenotes):

1. I really hate driving

2. I’m actually not so bad at parallel parking

3. I want to test drive the Ford Fiesta, but only in lime green

4. And I realllllllly hate driving

Musical Cars


My car is home, hooray!

Yesterday felt like musical cars. I went to work in a minivan and when I was able to come home on my break, the car was nowhere to be found. I had to call Canada (my dad, because no one else was available) to find out that my mom had swapped cars with me and I was supposed to be looking for the Mustang, in the complete other parking lot. So I drove that car home and back to work for my second shift, when again my car was swapped. This time back to the van, which I again couldn’t find in the parking lot. When I finally got home after one of the longest days I’ve had at work in a while, I returned to see my TOMSUE-mobile parked in the garage – somewhere it hasn’t been in a while! So now my car needs to stay out of the rain for a while and hopefully it will last a few more months to be worth the $1,000 we used to prolong its life.

This little episode made me start researching cars, which I know absolutely nothing about… any tips? What kind of car does a 23-year-old girl need? Considering I’m pretty sure I’m moving to Wicker Park in the next few months, I’m not actually a big fan of driving, I have a medium budget (for a young girl), but safety is important… oh yeah, and my dad won’t let me get a foreign car. Any thoughts?

Also, I’m totally going to get personalized license plates, how could I be an Abraham without them? Suggestions?

praying for an auto-recovery


Driving a minivan is like gaining 300 lbs overnight.

Suddenly it takes three times the effort to get out of the driveway, look over your shoulder and actually start driving. Your (ok, my) feet can’t reach the petals until mass adjustments occur, and you no longer fit in the sneaky side parking spots at Target, or even the regular open spots next to the cart return.

Driving a minivan is a massive experience that I do not enjoy.

I’m still waiting to hear about the TOMSUE-mobile’s fate and hoping it is still alive and that we will reunite. But whenever that sad day comes when we have to part ways, I am definitely not buying a minivan.

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