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Whoa in the very best way.

I was actually 100% too busy to sit at my computer last week, which was phenomenal. I know my computer is my best friend, but guess what? I didn’t even miss it. Thank God I still know how to interact with real people. (That’s a joke by the way, not a very good one though).

Anyway, it was an awesome week. I worked on the set of American Idol for 5 days of the crazy Hollywood Week. I basically baby-sat the contestants in the holding room for four days, which was awesome and terrible at the same time. Each morning I was in charge of making sure they were quiet so that the cameras doing interviews around the room wouldn’t pick up the noise. That was the terrible part. One on hand I felt bad for all of the contestants, they were full of nerves and excitement. I mean this is their DREAM, and they were in a room with so many other people feeling the same way and I had to walk around carrying a “quiet” sign shushing them. On the other hand, they aren’t 7 years old. After one time of being told not to talk you’d think they would realize I was just going to continue to tell them. Plus they had no idea they were dealing with Super Ears Michelle. I could hear a whisper in a gym full of people and pick out the culprit. Even the guardian parents wouldn’t shut up.

Plus sleep deprived Michelle turns to Mean Michelle, she came out on the last day. I went up to one of the guys, sat next to him and said, “Listen, by now you know you have a deep voice. And it carries.” Then I got up and walked away. He apologized later.

That was the terrible part, the amazing part was everything else. How lucky was I to be in the same room with all of these kids (some actual kids, some probably older than me) that were on their way to living out their dream, which is a sense was why I was there too. Granted, being a PA on American Idol is not even close to my dream, it is way closer than I was 5 months ago, so that gives me hope that 5 months from now I can say the same thing. They were all so excited and ready to take on the world, plus amazingly talented. How many times is it your job to sit in a room where 60 amazing singers were crowded around a piano singing “Lean on Me.” And, I was in the room with whomever the winner will be, totally cool. It made me pretty excited to watch the season now that I met these guys, and also since I’m an editor nerd at heart I can’t wait to see how the editors create the stories from the days of footage.

Let’s be honest though, the best part is that when I get back from my Christmas stay here in IL there’s going to be a real paycheck in my mailbox. One that will cover my rent and most of my car payment for January, which was very necessary timing.

I also have an interview for an awesome position on January 4th and I’m hoping that I may be asked to come back to Idol when the show resumes next year.

And Steven Tyler smiled at me.

More to come from home the next two weeks – Ahh Christmas. yay!




la-la, la. la.

It’s weird to feel christmasy without snow, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Mariah Carey’s Christmas album takes care of it.

We decorated our house Sunday and it looks so cute! One big multi-colored tree, my baby Walgreens tree and our green sticks tree fill our living room to the max but it’s a very nice festive homey feeling, which was a perfect end to a very roomie weekend, which I desperately needed. I think because I was home for so long I was trying to not think about the boredom/lack of income of LA and just enjoy being home, which I did but then I came back and BAM, I remembered. It’s hard to balance an appropriate amount of financial stress because yes, it’s necessary to be aware of the problem and attempt to fix it, but at the same time I was so stressed a few weeks ago that my lower level twisted tooth was in pain for about 6 days. I’m still dealing with that problem, but trying to push through. Anyway, you know I’m poor, so I’ll just tell you my happy thoughts.

1 – great roomie weekend included multiple movies after midnight ( know you like that alliteration there), going out to a karaoke bar, making a brunch buffet and colorful rice krispie treats on Sunday in between the decorating fun.

2 – getting paid to see Jay Leno live today, he was really nice and came out to talk to the audience and take pictures with people before the production began. The guests were Katherine Heigl, who I always liked even if other people don’t, a comic and Tai O Cruz, performing his new song. I love getting to experience any live or live-to-tape show so I was happy to be there and even happier knowing there is a new $20 in my wallet.

3 – Elizabeth’s sister, Nicki is having a baby girl! The whole world is pretty much excited for her 🙂 She is one of the most loving and motherly people in the world and has been dreaming of this day for a little under 25 years, it’ll be 25 on Saturday to be exact. She’s had a rough time getting here, but it’s official. Yay!

4 – I have another post production PA interview Thursday, wish me luck, my bank account is really, really, hungry. But so is my brain, we’re getting bored up there. It’s definitely time for a challenge.

5 – And 5, my giant cookie exchange box came today! Read more about that here. God I love the sugar involved in December.

Happy Tuesday!

Week of Thanks

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I think of myself as a very polite person, I always say thank-you when anyone does something nice for me, on the other hand I’ve been told about 7 million times I say “I’m sorry” too much, so maybe those two phrases have lost meaning with me because they just shoot from my brain to my mouth in an instant. So, my goal this week is to think about things that I actually am thankful for. I know, you’re thinking, my goodness Michelle, you’re so ingenious, I mean who would EVER think to make this a week of thanks? And, your sarcasm would be noted, as this is probably on everyone’s mind right now. So do it. You’ll feel better.

I started yesterday by being thankful for my dad, because he woke up super early for me yesterday to go on a 4 mile walk before 9am. I wanted to do that because I, awesomely, got to be a Skype-er on the Food Network’s Thanksgiving LIVE special at 11 so I kinda needed to get a workout in as early as possible. By the way, it was amazing and made me again feel like I am working to a goal that will make me happy – I mean, I belong with all of my FN favorites, I don’t belong on ENews discussing Lindsay Lohan. I do love gossip just as much as Ryan Seacrest, but I love sugar and butter so much more, so Paula Deen is more my soul mate.

Back to what I was saying, yesterday, thankful for my dad. The funny thing is that continued the whole day way after I tweeted about it. Plus, I keep thinking about how lucky I am to be here in Illinois this week which is mostly due to his 39 years spent at United. So, thanks, dad!

And today, I’m thankful for, no surprise, technology. Obviously if you’ve ever read my posts you know my computer and I are best friends. And my phone is jealous about it. I definitely hate technology sometimes, but without it I think my life, and yours if you’re reading this would be so different. I don’t know if it’s just because I love being connected with people, I usually have about five conversations going at once either facebook-ing, texting, emailing or tweeting, or if it’s just because I’m a huge nerd and Google has SO many answers, but technology, I am thankful for you today!

What’s on your list for this week of thanks?

My Mom was right

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The day totally goes by faster in Illinois.

This maybe is related to the fact that I’m sleeping later because, well I have nowhere to be at any time, but I’m convinced the day really does pass by, I mean, it’s 3pm already!!

On the other hand, I was up til 1am last night. Two hours is significant.

So I’m sitting in this bedroom in Schaumburg, which used to be mine and is now uber-quiltified and brown. Not hot pink. But it’s still my bed in here so that’s super homey. It’s very nice to be home for a bit and actually has given me more motivation to keep up with all of my new goals for Sweet Talk and developing my career. For some reason having my mom in the other room sewing just makes me feel less blah then sitting alone in the apartment in LA while my roomies are out working. Also, already made three fabulous trips to the grocery store, spent an afternoon discussing life with Elizabeth and baked a cake with my favorite Madeline 🙂 So I’m happy. But very cold.

More to come, but I have some things to work on today! Oh, also it was Regis’s last day this morning, such a great tribute to an amazing TV man, I hope I can meet him when I make it big!

Workout like a L’Oreal commercial

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I went to a super silly workout class today, I say silly in a good way though, it was called In-Sani-Ty (i think), and it’s a self-affirmation and cardio class, sounds weird to be running around learning kickboxing and dance choreography and shouting out good things about yourself, but it’s also kind of awesome.

At the end of the class the instructor passed out a piece of paper to everyone and asked us to commit to something every day of the next week that we would take time out of the day for ourselves. First, I laughed, because almost every minute of every day all of my time is “myself,” because I’m alone a lot. But then, I started thinking that even in my current state of loneliness, what she’s saying is important because I spend most of my internal dialogue being mad at myself for still not finding a job, but cutting my finger just now, for spending too much money on groceries, getting lost, etc, and not a whole lot of time appreciating things or doing things just for fun. Now, obviously my budget is still in mind, the instructor was treating herself to a facial today – not in my budget. But, things like taking a walk or just sitting out in the sun, planning how to make myself a good brand, watching a movie I love or even writing here definitely counts as a good-for-your-mind kinda thing, so I’m trying to remember her assignment when I get crabby, like yesterday.

I spent every minute until 2pm being super angry yesterday. I felt like I was going to puke while running, missed the class I wanted to go to , left my good water bottle at the gym, realized I needed to get gas again, got upset about jobs I felt like I missed out on in Chicago and was just wanting to sleep the rest of the day, or you know, eating all of the ice cream in the world.

Luckily I had made a commitment to do audience work for The Voice at 2:30, which I actually wanted to go to, I needed the money and Linda works there so I thought I might run into her. I didn’t, but I didn’t need to because I had a really great time. I was the last person let in from the casting group, got moved to the front row, made eye contact with all of the coaches – Blake Shelton, Christina Augilera, Cee-Lo Green & Adam Levine, saw David Spade before we went in the studio, saw Carson Daly when we were finishing up, and I got to learn during the shoot because it wasn’t an actual episode, but instead a promo shoot where they were just getting coach and audience shots for commercials and show intros – so remember to look for me in the purple shirt right behind Christina when the promos start airing!

As I walked to my car with my $40, I realized that I just got paid to do something I would do for free and I should just keep that in mind. When I got in the car and had a chance to check my phone (we aren’t allowed to have them in the shows), I had a voicemail about the job I interviewed for on Monday, unfortunately when I called back the producer was gone for the weekend, but at least I have something to look forward to (I hope) on Monday. Wish me luck! Now I’m just hoping all of my roommates get home early tonight so we can go to our friends’ Halloween party together.

What can you commit to doing everyday this week? Remember, this is not something you feel like you HAVE to do, it’s something you WANT to do, and if it doesn’t happen, it just moves on to the next day, no stressing about it, that’s not allowed – good luck!

I’m pretty sure it’s Thursday, which means I’ve been here for a WHOLE week. whoa.

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In case you’re wondering, “what’s going on with Michelle all the way over there by the Pacific ocean?” well then you’ve come to the right place.

Exactly this minute I’m watching the TODAY show (on one of the small selection of channels we get with our amazing $11 antenna), there’s a really cool commercial on for new Rock Elmo toys, I kinda want to buy them for one of my little kiddos so I can play with it, maybe it’ll be on sale for Christmas. I’m also contemplating why I am so exhausted.
Anyways, more interestingly, I spent two days working on Fear Factor, which was an amazing opportunity to see what goes on in the adventure/reality tv realm, it’s obviously not where I want to be for career advancement, but definitely two days well spent. And, you know, I got paid, that was super unexpected so quickly. I’m done with that now, but if they called again, I probably should return.

I also went to a game show contestant audition yesterday afternoon which was pretty much a group interview with 3 Michelle’s and 2 Christina’s, which was so strange. I’d love to be casted for some fun and potential prizes, though I’m hoping for a nerdy trivia game or something like the Price Is Right as opposed to some extreme gross and physical thing, wish me luck!

Other than that, I’m impatiently waiting for my furniture to arrive because, well, Linda and I are tired of sleeping together in such a disorganized room!

I’m still trying to delineate a plan for getting a job (albeit a super crappy and bottom of the totem pole job, which I’m fine with) related to my career hopes, so today I’m researching that, cleaning up as if my truck is coming soon, and maybe doing laundry.

Here’s my LA thought for the day:

It’s funny to be here from the midwest because about 67% of the cars here have tinted windows, but when I”m running or walking in downtown Culver City near Sony studios, I try to start in every window to see if there’s famous person in the car. Literally yesterday I paused near a gas station because a tinted window person had their door cracked. It was not  a famous person. In fact it was a pajama clad thirty year old regular woman, :(. Come on famous people, I wanna see your face!

On that note, don’t forget if you meet a TV producer, or anyone famous who you think can find me a perfect spot, send them here!

Medley of Medical Treadmill TV

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After the best weekend of the year, I really REALLY needed to spend a lot of time with my treadmill and me and my new RunTones got to know each other quickly.

After two 4 mile sessions I felt like I’d made up for the creamsicle drinks, Lou Malnati’s pizza and parade candy… well at least some of it!

I got to watch some interesting TV, including the debut of the 14th season of The View, which unsurprisingly, is one of my favorite shows. I am not ashamed that I love The View. I think it’s really funny and a pretty good source of news. You might argue that it’s not really “news” but if that’s how you feel then I bet you haven’t watched the coverage they give to world news, political topics and health information. Granted it’s all mixed in with celeb gossip and silly stories about their families, but that’s why I love it!

Barbara Walters was back today after a very long hiatus – she was recovering from open heart surgery and David Letterman joined her as a fellow heart surgery recipient. It was actually really interesting and somehow lead to me watch Dr. Oz during treadmill round 2, and i watched his colonoscopy. Yes, that sounds disgusting, but it actually doesn’t look that gross, it just looks like a non-cartoon version of the Magic School Bus, it was definitely motivation to keep run/walk/jogging and finish my miles.

Oh yeah, I forgot I was meaning to review my new shoes! I love them, which is great because they were expensive… not as much as my toothbrush, but pretty pricey! Aside from the fact that I bought black running shoes, stupid me was probably thinking Westwood, they really propelled me to keep running. I just hope they last longer than my EasyTones, which I wore for seven months at Westwood before they deflated on me, wish me luck!

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