I almost threw up

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Twice. But I didn’t.

Today’s greatness was a bit more difficult to find. First I almost puked in the basement during my Jillian Michaels DVD workout. It was super intense.

Then I made two oops-es on live radio, that made me nauseated too, then I sucked it up and redeemed myself.

So greatness had to be found elsewhere-in my mailbox. My new business cards came and I love them. Well I designed them so I expected to like them, but I think I love them because its the first time my job title is true.

Lesson learned: Mondays greatness is difficult to find.


You look way better than you did at 46!


That’s what I plan on telling my mom when I call her tonight to see how her birthday dinner was.

In case you aren’t sure, it’s a compliment, and I will take the same compliment when I turn 25 in 52 days. 2002 just was not a good-looking year for us.

Sometimes it sucks to have a birthday in the middle of the week, but sometimes it’s awesome. She’s pretty much been celebrating since my surprise visit last Wednesday. Plus it was Valentine’s Day last week and she heard that her oncologist never wants to see her again (again a good statement that sounds kinda negative). She got a resourcefully decorated cake and she’s antique-ing this weekend with her friends. You know what sucks a little though? Having your birthday on Ash Wednesday. Also today.

Now, she’s ok with it, there’s plenty of celebrating in the past and the future for my lucky mom, but she did have to share her birthday with a no-snacking, no frivolousness, no meat day. At least for those of us that practice the rituals of lent.

I think she’ll be fine, it’s my dad I’m worried about. You see, good old Mr. Abraham, has a tendency to believe he has the ability to give out dispensation. Which I’m pretty sure is a term I’ve only ever heard from him. Maybe Grandpa Abe used to do it? (Auntie Roe – I’ll take your opinion on this one)

Either way, he gives it out. It’s almost like if you have a Lenten or religious holiday problem, ask my dad if it’s ok to alter it. What I mean is when we were little if we accidentally ate meat on a Friday during lent, my dad just told us to swap it out for Saturday. Which is a nice thing to tell your stressed child, which I would be if I forgot. So I appreciated that as well as the few Good Fridays that have been my birthday. I still didn’t eat meat, because really it was an excuse to have waffles or cheese pizza for dinner, but he would dispensation-me and say I could have cake or ice cream because it was my birthday, and again swap it for another day.

As a little girl who had a lot of Good Friday birthdays, I was happy to believe him. Then all the sudden, probably about 10 years ago, I wondered where he got that power? Then, I realized he didn’t have it. And thus I believe that he right now, is convincing my mom to tell the waiter at Dover Straights (where they are having fish and lobster for dinner) that it’s my mom’s birthday to get free dessert. And that he’s having a beer, even though I suggested they give up drinking in the United States for lent. (I understand how weird that sounds, but they’re going on a cruise for their 30th anniversary the week before Easter).

So I’ll have to wait for my phone to ring where I can check on their dispensation-ing or not. Either way I will have to celebrate by Pinterest-ing pictures of the cake I made for my mom and counting down the 46 days until Easter, when sweetness can come back in my life.


Let’s Keep This Up, Literally and Figuratively


I just don’t think I’d ever been this happy on January 5th.

According to studies, yesterday, 1/4, it actually the most depressing day of the year. I forget the exact reasoning but it has something to do with the end of the holiday season, putting away decorations and realizing your fat. And the cold, gloominess that most of the world (or at least the US, since I think this may have been a national study) experiences.

Not me! Yesterday was actually pretty fantastic. I started bootcamp, which I’m severely sore from already, but obviously that was going to happen and that means I’m getting my monies worth and getting a good workout which is the whole reason I’m going.

Then I had a great interview for a YEAR-LONG job, that starts at the end of the month, so we are keeping my fingers crossed for that.

But then – boom – I got a phone call about a month-long job working at the American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance office for the travel coordinator, which started today. I think I’ve already made more money this month than the entire month of November. Huge Michelle-style smiles about that.

So I started the job, loved it, loved actually having tasks to do and being good at them. Liked working with people who I met during Hollywood week and you know, not spending the day sitting on my bed talking to my computer. I mean I’m doing that right now, but that’s totally fine when it’s just an hour instead of 12.

BEST PART – it’s 10am-7pm, Monday-Friday. Amazing since my mom and my Chrissy are already booked to come visit the weekend of the 21/22! I mean, let’s be honest my mom is really coming just to see Wicked, but I’m sure Chrissy wants to see my apartment and be a tourist for a day, which I love.

Long story short, happy Michelle, me, is NERVOUS that the ball is gonna drop soon. It has been a really really really really, did I say really yet? Really long time since things have gone well like this for me. Probably not since I started broadcasting school and was told by one of my co-workers that I flipped my happy switch on. I think that was the same week my manager told me he liked bitchy Michelle better than chipper Michelle.

The only slight negative is waking up at 5:30am to go to the classes, but I do prefer morning workouts, just not early bedtime. Bootcamp is an awesome accompaniment to an office job. Being super sore is totally acceptable when you’re just gonna sit and reconfigure spreadsheets, which I nerd-ily kinda love.

This flurry of gleefulness gives me my leftover story for the day – Why I liked the movie New Year’s Eve.

No, I don’t think it was a great movie by any means. It wasn’t that classy and it wasn’t that funny. But, there are so many story lines going on at once that the movie is very entertaining. You are intrigued by each character enough to wonder what happens next and suddenly the movie is over and even though you don’t mind if you ever see it again, you will be put in a really happy and optimistic mood.

I saw it a few days before actual New Year’s Eve and it made me believe that positive things could happen in the new year… it’s kinda working for me. Just hoping that figurative ball doesn’t drop like the one in Times Square.

I apologize for that nerdy pun. It was too oozing with cliché to resist.




January 1st. I’m still figuring you out 2012, so I don’t know what to write.

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