Unnecessary Incognito


I’ve been trying to not wear baggy black yoga pants, blouse-y tank tops and my LA hat in public anymore. Mostly because when I do, I realize I look like a slob, and also because my mom has reminded me that I’m not famous. The hat and glasses aren’t a necessary grocery store duo.

Now, if you know me, you know that I hate pants. They aren’t as comfortable, budget friendly or easy to find as they claim. I prefer dresses with or without leggings. Leggings in August? Yes, it is 69 degrees in the ICB building, and sitting on your butt all day doesn’t warm you up.

This clothing quandary has led me to wonder what the current attire rules are in the business world. I’m trying to think if I ever actually worked somewhere with a strict dress code, well somewhere where jeans, black gym shoes and a low-cut V neck black shirt isn’t part of that strict dress code, and I believe there might have been one when I worked at Meredith Corporation. I recall wearing a lot of skirts, dresses and black dress pants, but I feel like sweaters and jeans were staples too.

Why am I boring you with this information? This is a multi-part answer. First, I do actually plan on cleaning my closet out this fall and I’m curious what to keep from the “I never wear these clothes because I work in a bar” section of my closet. Second, even though I don’t have a whole lot of expendable money on me I like shopping and thus I think I should be buying clothes that I can wear to a job or as a normal Target shopper, in hopes of keeping my pjs for inside my house. Lastly, because I have two job interviews this week!

I’m excited so you can be too (mom, Auntie Roe, Kathy & Justine), but I’m trying not to get too pumped up in case I flop them both. One is today and the other is next Thursday, so I’m hoping to report good news tomorrow along with my official one day til Septemberfest excitement.

Side note: Pretty sure neither of these jobs would require fancy office clothes, but still no pjs. My one never worn, tag still on it, collared blouse and blazer can stay hanging in the back of my closet for now.


365 days ago


was my “last day at Westwood.” I know because I wrote in on my calendar, in my little brown q&a book and I planned it so that I would have ALL my stuff shipped by September 1st and, of course, before Septemberfest.

I’ll be there at 4:30.

Instead of being blah about it, I decided to laugh and be happy that they let me come back and make some money. I mean, remember that mind-clouding debt I had in April, well that’s gone, and my student loans are stepping their way out forbearance this month, so that ability to go to work and come home with money is appreciated.

Now, I had to do a little convincing myself to not be blah about that, but what I don’t need to convince myself is to be happy about the two interviews I have in my near future! Neither are the perfect job, but you know where they aren’t? Indiana. (By the way, that person never re-contacted me after asking me when I was available for a phone interview. Interesting.)

I’ll update you with those results/information at they occur, but until then I have two more things to type your way.

1) Check out your Daily Herald’s Food section tomorrow, Wednesday August 29th, for my cheesy face potentially holding a jar of cinnamon sticks and cinnamon extract. I’m guessing the picture will be embarrassing, I’ll let you know tomorrow.

2) My favorite weekend of the year is upon us!!! Four days until Septemberfest! 

I lied, three things.

3) After looking for that fest link,  it looks like September is like my month for big changes.

2009 – Finally got a job after college – Westwood.

2010 – Realized I wanted to go back to school – ICB

2011 – Moved across the country – LA

I’m pretty anxious to fill in the blank after 2012 – ?????

My body is falling apart


and I blame it on my low blood pressure.

I’ve always had low BP, but in the last two weeks my BP dropped from 100/60 something to 87/56. I know this because I have a giant (ok really small) white ball of something in my throat that I got checked out a few weeks ago, and yesterday I returned to see what was wrong with my bottom left jaw. Apparently nothing, though I disagree seeing that I was almost in tears at work yesterday and I had to hide all of my gum from myself today.

Regardless, I’ve decided to blame EVERYTHING that’s unfortunate in my recent life on my blood pressure. That just makes sense right?

Without going to any extreme details, here’s a partial list of my recent irritants, blaming them on those blood vessels.

What is with people e-mailing me about jobs and then not responding to my response? Do you not understand that I would LOVE to have a new job? That is just a mean joke.

I need a sweater that is not black. The temperature in the ICB building is temperamental, and I realized that my wardrobe can open up from the 8 rotating outfits I’m currently sporting, if I had some more sweaters. I will admit that today I did not match. I needed to swap out my black one for a burnt orange.

My treadmill is broken and causing me to shin split to the extreme. Yes, I know I’m supposed to run outside, but I don’t want to. I’m getting really tired of running for this half marathon and I’m convinced I might not finish. It’s the time commitment though, not the actual exercise. I used to run 3 miles everyday and I would probably be ok with that now, but anything over that means waking up much earlier than my brain enjoys. Plus I ran those 3 miles on the treadmill, inside, because I don’t like breathing outside – blood pressure for sure.

I need another haircut, but I don’t want one.

My bank account isn’t as full as I want.

Neither is my shoe collection.

I have water-proof eyeliner at the top of my upper eyelid.

That last one – super embarrassing.

So what do you want to blame on a completely unrelated element of your life??

I tried to take a positive spin on the day, but then I got dizzy and decided to just make it This Sucks Thursday.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…


Totally kidding, except for some reason Jingle Bells keeps playing in my brain.

It may be the result of an epic margarita tailgate weekend in Wisconsin.

Important to note: I did not drink the entire bottle myself.

Also important to note: Light wild berry Jose Cuervo pre-mixed margarita is actually pretty delicious, a $3 bottle of Beringer Pinto Grigio was equally disgusting. Don’t buy wine with a coupon.

Despite the Brewers losing (which we all found out this morning) we had a very successful tailgate. No rain, no freezingness, no parking tickets – and we got to see Amy’s beautiful new house! I can’t believe one of my friends owns such a nice (HUGE) place, good for you, Aim.

I cannot believe August is 2/3 of the way over. Wasn’t it just May 1st? Both of Elizabeth’s showers are over and her surprise Bachelorette party was a fun-filled success. We are down to 41 days til her wedding and in case you were wondering 128 days until Christmas.

Life is staying kind of stagnant right now, which is nice because I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with friends and family celebrating different events and visiting with people I missed so much from the west coast, but I’m definitely entering “buckle down fall” this week. Oh how I love month themes. I’m starting now so that when it actually is fall I’ll be awesomely buckling down, and here are some elements of my buckling.

I just got an email about a phone interview, awesome. It’s in Indiana, not awesome.

Holy monkeys there are only 3 weeks until my half marathon. This past week was Tommy’s built-in vacation week and I definitely had my own running vacation too – so I’m part freaking out about the 21 days til the race thing… but it seems so close now that I’ll be sure to actually buckle that down.

I just got distracted by The Simpsons. I’m not even sure what I’m writing about. That’s why diets and buckling down start on Mondays.

I think I’ll get back to this list tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

Jingle All the Way!


(auntie) roe’s review

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Oops, it’s been a month. Honestly I’m in the same spot as I was in all elements of my life on July 3rd when I wrote about my awesome lotion. Sure things have happened, but I can’ fill you in on that now because I will definitely be late to work if I start type-rambling. What I do want to do is share Auntie Roe’s review of the KiwiFox moisturizer.

Spoiler: She loved it. I’m going to do my best to get her some more soon!

I love having contests and having the perfect person win! What else should I give away? Suggestions?

Here’s her great review:

Michelle, I am so glad I was the recipient of the AquaSurge Moisturizer! Yesterday being Saturday I took a few extra moments getting ready for bed, washing up and removing all makeup, tweezing my eyebrows and the most wonderful last step was applying just a dot or two of the moisturizer to my face. I am a huge fan of the fragrance and I don’t think my face has ever felt so soft and smooth! Even the little bit left on my hands after I applied it were softer! I applied it again this morning after a shower and the same results….kind of magical! A little goes a very long way and those are my favorite type of products. I have suffered with skin issues for more than half of a my life (which is a long time) and dryness has always been a problem. However, this particular moisturizer seems to absorb that dryness in no time. I can’t wait until tonight to apply it again! Auntie Roe

Isn’t it weird


how smells can incite memories?

Like if you smell roasting cinnamon, no matter what month it is, you’ll think of the holidays.

When you smell coffee brewing, you think you’re in an airport. If you happen to spend your time at a restaurant that sells sushi, the smell of soy sauce can make you feel like you need to clear the table, or when it’s SUPER humid outside (much like it’s been the last few weeks) you immediately say, “it smells like Arkansas out here!” Just me? Ok, maybe just me on some of those examples, but you get what I’m saying.

I’m sure all of you have certain smells that make you think of a certain place or time in your life, and I realized a new one yesterday when I rekindled my relationship with KiwiFox products.

Backtracking a few months, I met Jenn from KiwiFox in February at an Oscar lounge I was covering. She offered me a few samples and I couldn’t get enough of the moisturizing cream, so I partnered with the brand to test their products either myself or with my friends and family and share my reviews.

Since then I moved, which included changing addresses (of course) so my precious green products didn’t get back to me until yesterday. Honestly, I was really excited to prep my face for sleeping last night with the moisturizer and as soon as I popped open the AquaSurge Age-Defying Moisturizer lid, I started laughing. My brain immediately put me back in my apartment in Culver City.

The first time I used the product I fell in love with the kiwi scent, and I was standing at the sink in Linda and my room, so after a few months being kiwi-less, my brain wanted to be back there. My face felt lighter and sunnier too – you know, beach flashbacks. And of course, my face feels smoother. I have yet to find a product that I like as much as this one! And the best part, included in my shipment was a little sample of the moisturizer, so my avid readers, whomever wants it, gets it.

Remember that time

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you were in debt to your parents for almost a year and then paid them off in a surprise triple paycheck day???

No, well I do! It was yesterday!!!

Finish paying back my parents the money I borrowed this year, and then start building my savings again!

I didn’t even know I was going to be able to cross that one off my list this month, but then, I did! Turns out between my check from ICB, my check from Westwood and a crazy expensive high school and junior high graduation party I worked last weekend, I was able to leave the last of my debt on the counter at 1:30am last night and toast myself with a glass of tequila sangria. I mean what else would you toast yourself with?

I’ve never been so excited to get to start from a $0 balance in my bank account.

This means that July gets to be about any and every thing else other than my finances. Yay.

Now off to check out my aunt’s new salon! Video coming soon to Encyclopedia Michelle!

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