You know what’s super funny? When people congratulate you for something you had absolutely no part in. For example, since my new nephew was born, everyone keeps saying “oh! Congratulations on being an Aunt again!” I think this is funny on two accounts, first off, I’m already an aunt, so that’s not anything too different and also Congratulation to me for what? For having a brother who married a girl, who had a baby and now had another one, I had nothing to do with that! Obviously I appreciate the sentiment, and I know that truly it is a Congrats to my brother and his family and not really to me, but it just makes me laugh because it would be just as easy to say something like, “that’s so exciting!” or “Congratulations to them!” or “Cool!”
This thought also makes me think of something I’m pretty sure I heard from Seinfeld (since my mom told me I sounded like Jerry when I brought this up to her). Isn’t is funny when someone says a comment like, “your daughter is such a great writer” or “your dog is so cute” or “your boyfriend is a genius” and you say, “thank you!” That’s hilarious to me because the “thanker” again had nothing to do with their daughter’s writing skills, dog’s cuteness or boyfriend’s intelligence yet they say thanks. Like, yep, I picked out that smart boyfriend and you noticed, so a big thank-you from me.
Just another silly thought of today… from a little boredom at work.