Totally kidding, except for some reason Jingle Bells keeps playing in my brain.

It may be the result of an epic margarita tailgate weekend in Wisconsin.

Important to note: I did not drink the entire bottle myself.

Also important to note: Light wild berry Jose Cuervo pre-mixed margarita is actually pretty delicious, a $3 bottle of Beringer Pinto Grigio was equally disgusting. Don’t buy wine with a coupon.

Despite the Brewers losing (which we all found out this morning) we had a very successful tailgate. No rain, no freezingness, no parking tickets – and we got to see Amy’s beautiful new house! I can’t believe one of my friends owns such a nice (HUGE) place, good for you, Aim.

I cannot believe August is 2/3 of the way over. Wasn’t it just May 1st? Both of Elizabeth’s showers are over and her surprise Bachelorette party was a fun-filled success. We are down to 41 days til her wedding and in case you were wondering 128 days until Christmas.

Life is staying kind of stagnant right now, which is nice because I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with friends and family celebrating different events and visiting with people I missed so much from the west coast, but I’m definitely entering “buckle down fall” this week. Oh how I love month themes. I’m starting now so that when it actually is fall I’ll be awesomely buckling down, and here are some elements of my buckling.

I just got an email about a phone interview, awesome. It’s in Indiana, not awesome.

Holy monkeys there are only 3 weeks until my half marathon. This past week was Tommy’s built-in vacation week and I definitely had my own running vacation too – so I’m part freaking out about the 21 days til the race thing… but it seems so close now that I’ll be sure to actually buckle that down.

I just got distracted by The Simpsons. I’m not even sure what I’m writing about. That’s why diets and buckling down start on Mondays.

I think I’ll get back to this list tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

Jingle All the Way!